Senior User Researcher


WhereIsMyTransport are looking for six Researchers or Anthropologists on a contract basis for the following cities: Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam and Gauteng. The successful applicant should be available to work from 10 to 15 days over the following periods:

Nairobi: mid-January to mid-February
Dar Es Salaam: mid-February to mid-March
Gauteng: mid-March to mid-April.
You must have good knowledge about one of these cities and its commuting system, and speak the local language. Any prior experience of research around gender equality and social inclusion is a plus.



The purpose of the researcher is to work with WhereIsMyTransport on a research project aiming to bridge the public transport gender data gap in Africa, and create an innovative research methodology and evidence-base to support more inclusive mobility in Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam and Gauteng.

You will be involved in all aspects of the research process, working with a small cross-disciplinary team; from ideation to running workshops and documentation, synthesis and analysis to deepen our understanding of the city, public transport and it’s citizens.


The Researcher is responsible for all aspects of research (planning, recruiting, moderation, analysis, reporting) for both generative (participatory design) and evaluative (survey) research. You will be using a variety of user testing methodologies to reveal actionable insights. You will also be comfortable working with data, from gathering and analysis through to presentation.

You will use your extensive experience combined with your research role to deliver well-thought out and articulated research insights.


You’ll be responsible for:

Creating, Planning and Facilitating
Working with global research teamsto gather insights on public transport in the city and the ways in which gender impacts one’s travel.
to devise appropriate research strategies, to generate focused insights, and ensure that the most essential questions are investigated using suitable research methodologies
Planning, designing and conducting the workshops from recruitment through to moderation, analysis and reporting.
Modelling insights gained from research into formats to enhance our understanding of our users – such as personas and user journey maps.
Developing and maintaining impeccable documentation of every activity.
Improving the integrity of our thought process thanks to attributable research and strategic insight


Experience requirements
Experience in conducting research and testing.
Experience in analysing both quantitative and qualitative data to produce UX artefacts.
Previous experience of managing, planning, and designing research and research teams.
Previous experience of developing and conducting usability testing sessions.

About you

You are:

You’re empathetic; you appreciate the challenges faced by users of public transport
You’re tenacious in your approach, but are not defensive or overly precious about your output.
You’re accountable for your work and research.
You’re passionate about research and design and how it can positively impact our prospective users.
You’re a great communicator – able to engage with anyone – no matter their technical capability.
You’re experienced in managing your own and potentially others’ time effectively even when there are competing demands.
Innovative; you continuously look to improve and simplify our products and processes.
Curious; learning is important to you and you are always finding ways to expand your knowledge.
Approachable; you have a positive attitude, communicate well and are always ready to help and educate others.
You are collaborative and enjoy finding ways to bridge the gaps between teams, individuals, technology and users.
You are able to storytell and bring the user into the room.
You have experience with a range of user centred service design and delivery practices.You are innovative in your research and bring that innovation into your insights.

You have:

2/3+ years of experience working as a Researcher.
You have managed research projects and teams.
Strong critical thinking skills, and you are able to ‘connect the dots’ between points of information.
Ability to summarise research succinctly, quickly and visually, as well as distil small, useful pieces of insight out of large quantities of information.
Strong interviewing skills, particularly focused on unlocking information from people who are unaware of what knowledge they have to share.
Strong communication and presentation skills; able to communicate cross-globally and cross-culturally, as well as work alongside different silos, teams and cultures.
Experience working with multiple stakeholders with differing requirements.
Strong conflict resolution and mediation skills.
Multilingual proficiency. Must be able to read, write and speak fluently.
Bonus points if you have:

A formal education in any of the following areas: research, design, language, history, psychology, statistics, or technology.
Experience working in / for the majority world (i.e. developing countries).



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