Industrial Project Engineer
Job TypeFull Time
Experience5 – 10 years
Job FieldEngineering / Technical

Job Purpose:

The Industrial Project Engineer is responsible to follow up and manage the design, engineering, construction, commissioning & hand over of industrial facilities designed to meet OU needs (business development, upgrade to compliance, etc.), in compliance with the defined requirements and applicable VIVO standards, and working within the defined budget and schedule. He is based on site and leads a multi-disciplinary project team, in close liaison with central teams and OU team & SteerCom guidance


The Industrial Project Engineer is under the direct supervision of the Industrial Project Manager (who in turn reports to the Head of Technical).
The job implies smooth coordination with the OU bearing the project and within VIVO ENERGY Group (Central, HSE, etc.).
Main Accountabilities:

  • The Industrial Project Engineer is responsible for project execution, from the Final Investment Proposal (IP) up to handover of the facilities to the operator and project close-out, in total safety, within budget and on schedule as approved according to the DoA and as delegated by Industrial Project Manager in the case by case
  • He is responsible to deliver the project in accordance with the Engineering Project Management Guidelines.
    Budget: typical project budget/cost above 5 MUSD.
  • Duration of execution: approximately 2 to 3 years from initial design to close-out (to be defined in the project framework)
  • He is responsible for delivering smoothly thru the different steps of the project and that the facilities are constructed in compliance with the approved timeline schedule, budget, in compliance with high quality of
  • Standards & in accordance with the agreed HSSE & performance requirements.
  • Coordinate and facilitate with all stakeholders to deliver the project according to agreed targets & with the high level of excellence for VE Group
    Key Challenges:
  • Manages and coordinates all the actions required to successfully complete the detailed engineering phase, procurement and supply, construction, commissioning and handover to the operator/affiliate.
  • Makes sure that the project is executed in compliance with the HSE requirements of the Vivo Energy Group, with local regulations and with the needs stated in the ToR & Project Plan, the scope of work and the technical requirements defined in the FEED stage, and with the technical specifications of the Vivo Energy Group.
  • Implements a Project Execution Plan (PEP) and Project Quality Plan (PQP) that serve to meet project requirements.
  • Defines, organizes and sets up and coordinates and leads a multi-disciplinary project team located in the OU.
  • Makes sure that personnel have the required level of competency and the appropriate level of training.
  • Makes sure that the OU has the necessary support from the central teams (HSSE, technical, business line, Finance, CP, legal, Distribution, etc.) as per requirements.
  • Creates, updates and publishes the project performances KPI at least once a month.
  • Organizes regular Steering Committee meetings and monitors and implements recommendations, technical reviews and audits required at key steps in the project.
  • Identifies and regularly assesses project risks and takes the required actions to tackle them.
  • Participates in the evaluation and selection of engineering/construction contractors during the CP process in liaison with the CP central, business line and issues recommendations to award strategy
  • Coordinates and manages the construction contractors, engineering contractors and suppliers in charge of achieving the facilities, as per the defined project plan & Strategy step (EPC, EPCM + work batches, etc.).
  • Responsible for managing the relations with the project team, contractors, engineering offices & 3rd party inspection bodies.
  • Prepare the tendering documents along with the selected consultant; including requirements, scope of work, specifications, contracts, reference standards and evaluation criteria.
  • Makes the necessary call for offers and launch tenders (services, works, studies, etc.) and under the supervision of the Industrial Projects Manager analyze the offers and contracts in line with CP process & with support from central Fin, Legal, HSSE ETC and propose these contracts to the Head Of Technical for signature.
  • Manages contracts from award step to the completion date, paying particular attention to change/modification orders, and checks that the work is progressing in compliance with the contractual clauses.
  • Follow closely the projects’ progress versus validated schedules to approve release of contractors’ payments.
  • Ensures smooth coordination with local team & local authorities and that the permits and authorizations required are obtained in time.
  • Sets up and applies the project Plan and the control procedures required to ensure that the facilities are constructed in compliance with the project specifications (meetings, monitoring of schedule/progress, cost control, correspondence, document management and review, management of contracts and change orders, etc.) as per the standards of the Vivo Energy Group, the Engineering project management and the best practices and state of art.
  • Convenes a weekly work site meeting and sends the minutes to all stakeholders.
  • Makes sure that the requirements and recommendations from the technological risks study (HAZID, HAZAN, HAZOP, TRA, QRA, HEMP, etc.) and safety design studies have been effectively taken into account.
  • Sets up an HSSE plan, makes sure that the Group HSSE rules are correctly applied by all operators involved within the onsite construction. Ensure on site presence on a regular basis during construction phase.
  • Monitor & register the performance of consultants, contractors & 3rd parties, conduct periodical reviews to highlight points of necessary improvement, ensure sharing it with CP & project team in order to consider it while updating the vendors list.
  • Sets up a quality assurance plan and organizes the necessary inspections, makes sure that the facilities under construction are in line with quality of standards and ensures the resolution of any non-conformities.
  • Raises periodical reports on projects progress, ensures obtaining the needed approvals for any changes that impact the scope or the project budget.
  • Ensures hazards are being identified and managed.
  • Manages pre commissioning & commissioning works of all components of the project with all stakeholders including obtaining of Civil / Electrical / Mechanical completion certificates & sign off.
  • Makes sure that operators receive the training required to use & operate the new facilities.
  • Ensures acceptance of the facilities, handover to the operator and formal close-out of the project.
  • Makes sure that the final documentation, as built drawings, and all the maintenance manuals have been handed over to the operator.
  • Writes a project feedback report.

Job Knowledge, Skills & Experiences:

  • Engineering master degree or equivalent
  • Experience > 5-10 years’ confirmed experience (depending on the complexity of the project) as an industrial/ technical project engineer/manager in different sectors/phases (Petroleum, Downstream, Cement, EPC contractors…) and particularly in the execution phase, turnkey projects (engineering, construction, commissioning). At least one demonstrable finished project as Project Engineer or Project Manager.
  • Demonstrable competence and experience in design, construction, maintenance and project management related to fuel and lubes depot
  • Must exhibit behaviors such as; Leadership, Accountability, Teamwork and Personal & Business skills
  • Experience in team management and contractor/ contract management. Keen interest in technical knowledge and issues.
  • API & HSSE standards knowledge will be a must
  • Familiar with standards/requirements in terms of project management, organization and HSE procedures.
  • Good leadership and communication skills, good personal relationship skills, comfortable in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Anticipates, plans ahead and tackles the subjects/problems identified with an effective and pragmatic approach.
  • High tracking/monitoring record and delivering efficiency improvements.


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