Team Lead- Laboratory Analyst
Job Type Full Time
Qualification BA/BSc/HND
Location Nairobi
Job Field Procurement / Store-keeping / Supply Chain
Work Level: Non- Management ( Union)


The Site Laboratory Analyst role runs the site testing facility and ensures that all applicable test methods are in place, that measurement standards are accurate and reproducible, and that all laboratory and satellite testing equipment is appropriate, calibrated and operated to the required standard.  Performs more complex analyses, manages all LIMS data and trains manufacturing staff as needed.  Liaises where necessary with central Unilever expertise and third-party contract laboratories.

Reports through Site Quality Specialist to Site Quality Manager / Leader.


People, Culture & Linkage

Executes and verifies effectiveness of training plans for new laboratory methods or ensures maintenance of existing skills related to laboratory methods and equipment calibration
Liaises with PG, R&D and Measurement Communities of Practice regarding methods and equipment
Quality Systems Management

Prepares local procedures and work instructions that ensure Unilever and other applicable standards for proper calibration, application and control of laboratory methods
Supports reporting of operational KPIs by analyzing complex data and assigning into standard Quality loss trees
Complies with requirements regarding use of SAP QM and Unilever specifications including use of InterSpec system
Provides expert advice on most appropriate method to investigate, including advanced technologies available, and interpretation of results
Provides expertise regarding use of and maintains relationship with external laboratories as appropriate to investigate non-conforming materials and products
Testing & Measurement

Supports site program for quality assurance of raw materials and packaging components, work-in-process and finished goods and documents results / information as required in designated system such as SAP QM
Utilizes advanced technical knowledge (e.g. chemistry, microbiology, sensory, statistics, mathematics, etc.) to support site quality testing program and sensory panels for raw materials and packaging components, work-in-process and finished goods aligned with Unilever requirements and specifications
Applies correct methods and equipment and implements proper calibration and control of testing to verify and reproduce results against specifications.
Takes action based upon specification limits to hold or release in-bound materials, work-in-process and finished product (unless local regulations dictate the Q Specialist or Manager to make the final decision).
Sets all good laboratory practices, good laboratory housekeeping and waste disposal, Unilever requirements and testing methods, and applicable government / authority regulations, such as conducting ring tests and proper maintenance and condition of all Quality assets (e.g. product and material retains, incubator, etc.)
Ensures all laboratory ware, chemicals and reagents are of the appropriate standard and within shelf-life.
Ensures all laboratory equipment is safe to operate and safe work practices are followed.
Executes procedures and documents results of independent checks and verifications that are required as part of site-wide program of calibration and maintenance of inspection, measuring and testing equipment including Gage R&R study, to minimise measurement drift and produce repeatable results
Takes action to hold testing until any failed equipment calibration or method capability checks are returned to operational requirements
Maintains systems where key quality data and information are recorded and archived
WCM/TPM & Continuous Improvement

Provides method and data analysis support for projects to reduce and/or eliminate quality losses as needed
Trends analytical data to help identify supplier improvement opportunities and manufacturing process capability
Innovation & Change

Provides method support for executing innovation trials, early management in site projects, VIP trials, and Launch Monitoring Plans for innovations and equipment changes.

Diploma in Chemical/Analytical Chemistry
University degree in Biology, Chemistry, Food Science or Microbiology
5 years’ experience in Quality or Manufacturing


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