Assistant Brand Manager-Deos



Supports the Marketing Manager in the development of the national Brand Marketing Plan (BMP), within the category plan guidelines, to meet company goals.
Works with the multifunctional team to implement the plan in the market place and monitors performance of the support plans.
Participates in selected various cross-functional teams – CMI, CCP, Regional Brand Teams and externally with local support agencies such as PR, sponsorship, activation and channel.
Assist in the brand’s day to day operational activities including monitoring of brand performance on a monthly and quarterly basis.
Builds productive working relationship with Customer Development, CMI, regional category team Finance and Supply Chain to manage the brand’s day to day operations.

Key Success Measures

National market shares, brand turnover and PBI.
Achievement of all key “Jobs to be Done” as specified in BMPs and SIA




Supports the Marketing manager in translation of the BVP into the BMP.

Supports the Brand Marketing Plan development and deployment by:
Assisting in the execution of the integrated activity schedule ensuring consistency with BrandKey Vision and BrandVision Plan including communication strategy
Accountable for the analysis of brand performance and brand health by constantly evaluating performance of national support activities and in-store implementation against measurable objectives (Score Card and Brand Quarterly Tracker).  This includes the monitoring of progress against key trial and awareness measures, quality of in-store support, distribution and availability per channel ie. place, pricing and promotions in-store and initiating measuring the effectiveness and ROI of key activities.
Identifies solutions and make recommendations to improve effectiveness based on performance monitoring.
Delivers specific brand projects eg. co-branding with a major retailer.



Assist the brand building manager in launch management; building launch plans and channel strategies (promotions, media and POS), Customer sell-in and legal & regulatory issues.



Category Manager
Assistant Brand Building Team
Customer Development
Multi-functional BMP “deployment team” e.g. CD, CMI, Finance
External agencies e.g. sponsorship, PR


Responsible for implementing SHEQ and Security policies and management systems relevant to the role.



Develops brand plans that build equity and drives business growth
Creates/deploys integrated communications
Monitoring progress and takes action
Core aspects underpinning all skills: Creativity, Empathy, Obsession with brands & consumers, Sense of Aesthetics, Analytical Thinking & Rigour
Bachelor degree, Post graduate business degree preferred (MBA)
Preferred one year experience in marketing
Project Management
Customer Marketing interface


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