Value To Market Platforms Senior Manager (Nairobi)

Overall C&CL: Develop long term value based commercial leadership strategies for the Franchise to maximize total portfolio availability, volume, NSR, profitability & value share across the current and future brand, pack & channel portfolios. Ensure this strategy considers key internal & external stakeholders by aligning with them throughout the SBP & ABP process and inspiring system passion for the co-created strategic direction.  Ensure that a value-based dialogue permeates the organization.
Commercial Execution: Lead and inspire the Franchise to develop and / or enhance commercial execution capabilities (RTM, RED, SFA, SFE, CDE, between others), driving competitive advantage and speed to market at an outlet level. Drives commercial subject matter expertise and cross-system projects by developing productive networks with the Center, TCCC Groups’, Bottlers to create long term strategic value and competitive advantage for the System across the BU. Lead  the development and implementation of scalable processes by the Bottling system to manage, measure and continuously improve segmented outlet execution in order to differentiation and value in the marketplace  to achieve Business Unit goals.
Commercial Planning: Strategically leads the implementation and deployment of RGM & Segmentation strategies in the Franchise, as a fundamental competitive advantage for the System, supported by world class capabilities, tools, and processes to drive continuous performance improvement and accelerate growth in business results through the expansion of revenues and superior execution – Assessment and input from TCCC and external Best in Class Companies.
Customer Management: Build powerful partnerships with our customers. Work to understand their needs, enhance their capabilities and help them overcome challenges: Joint Business Plans, Performance Analytics, Customer Capability Development


Commercial Execution (RTM, RED, CDE, SFA & SFE) – 70%:

  • Acts as the KO Subject Matter Expert & Lead Commercial Execution strategies across the franchise and be the custodian of the Commercial Execution Capabilities strategic frameworks; ensures it is aligned to corporate
  • Region, BU and Franchise strategies, operating model and approved tools/frameworks.
  • Prepares, analyses, maintains and validates global commercial scorecards on a frequent basis to ensure all
  • Commercial Execution opportunities and risks are visible to senior stakeholders.
  • Lead KO availability improvement agenda and manages the tracking on in market progress.
  • Leads and designs the key RTM transformational projects to deliver on the identified commercial opportunities.
  • Manages and coordinates all RTM deployment projects with updates to the governance structure and senior stakeholders as appropriate. Lead, align, inspire and steward the franchise bottlers along New Route To Market and segmented execution strategies that ultimately lead to system-wide growth.
  • Manages the procurement process to select specialist deployment partners by project or activity.
  • Manages the collaboration between key stakeholders to deliver commercial execution project requirements aligned to KO priorities and values.
  • Furthers development of the KO ways of working; including development of a Center of Excellence for RTM, RED,
  • CDE, SFE & SFA and on-going development of the annual business planning process in order to continuously optimize performance.
  • Compiles and shares local & global Best Practices (both external as well as internal) across all relevant markets in order to encourage and drive continuous engagement and improvement. Works with
  • Develop commercial execution training; develops tools as needed.
  • Tracks key performance indicators at a detailed level customer-cluster (channel), brand, pack, price, region, account and outlet-level, and develops action plans to improve performance
  • Lead the development segmented pictures of success by channel and ensure execution through the system.
  • Fully develop a rollout plan by country and bottler ownership for RED in order to pilot and scale segmented execution principles.  Develop a capability building curriculum that will assist bottler staff with the heightened demands that the RED process requires.  Align the sales force remuneration systems with bottler management teams in order to ensure that correct behavior is driven at an outlet execution level.
    Commercial Planning (RGM & Shopper) – 20%:
  • Uses opportunity maps to integrate customer-cluster (channel), shopper purchase behavior, and competitive analysis into consumer understanding, and develops revenue map to prioritize the opportunities.
  • Opportunity and revenue maps by country derived from a CBL study. The current and future brand portfolio and individual brand footprints as they relate to consumer need states identified in the CBL.
  • Pack roles from both a KO system point of view as well as a consumer point of view specifically as it relates to elasticity versus competitors and pricing rules of engagement.  From pack role research provide input into the annual price increase through price demand curves by pack using brand Coca-Cola to normalize the data.
  • Thorough understanding of the competitive landscape by country and bottler drive pricing competitiveness by brand and pack.
  • Fully understand and leverage all shopper related insights in order to exploit shopping missions and maximize system value.
  • Identify the top three profitable consumption occasions by channel and ensure effective brand communication as well as channel exploitation of every such occasion.
    Customer Management (Customer Capability Development) – 10%:
  • Maps the existing situation in the Bottlers Key Accounts team and recommends the optimum structure in country level to ensure excellence in execution and delivery of the core KBI’s
  • Proposes the optimum route to market in country level considering the customer formats, but not limited to them (e.g.  Hyper, super markets etc.)
  • Works closely with the Supply chain to identify solutions to reduce OOS, improve delivery time and overall logistics, and increase order accuracy.
  • Ensures that RED is fully implement in the modern trade customer outlets across top ECAF MT markets
  • Identify the critical experiences and training needs required for and works closely with HR to reflect these needs in the capability’s development plan, including training plan
  • Works closely and jointly with HR functions of the key bottlers to identify the training needs required to support the core capabilities to win in the modern trade and develop the annual training plan
  • Facilitates the execution of the training plan (HR leads the execution)
  • Links with other markets across KO to understand their capabilities building plan and identifies potential areas for reapplication in ECAF
  • Works closely with the Franchise Teams to ensure full scale deployment to the real life of the CFV & CATMAN
  • Drives the development and the implementation of partnership for growth (JBP’s) seminars in selected ECAF customers
  • Drive and deploy Customers Satisfaction Survey insights to action. Workshop with Key customers and align on key actions to improve attributes scores; Deploy results to bottlers, driving concrete plans and actions
  • Generates, Import and exports best practices around the core capabilities for winning in modern trade

Educational Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (MBA Preferred)
  • Executive Management Programs (In-house or Other)
  • Proven knowledge and experience in sales, marketing, and customer management.
    Required Experience
  • +10 -12 years of experience combining Consumer Marketing, Trade Marketing, Account Management, Category
  • Planning, Franchise Leadership or Revenue Growth Management.


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