Senior Public Affairs Manager

Job Description

Positions in this sub-family are responsible for maintaining and enhancing positive relations with external audiences, including the general public, shareholders, investors, government and regulatory authorities, non-profit and charitable organizations, etc. Senior positions are responsible for representing the organization’s position on legislation and regulatory affairs to elected representatives and their staffs; liaising with officials and staffs in agencies and organizations e.g. Trade sector & industry among others. The positions may also lead a sub-function or a corporate staff function; provide short to medium-term tactical direction and operational oversight and may specify new processes and standards to support corporate strategies.


Executes all public affairs, government relations, and sustainability related programs and initiatives within Franchise.
Ensures optimal use of resources and maximize the impact of public affairs, government relations, and sustainability plans.
Engages with and builds coalitions with regional and local government and non-government stakeholders to advocate for or against and advance policies and programming that support our business goals in collaboration with our Public Policy and Sustainability teams.
Identifies and monitors regional and local divergent stakeholders to understand their priorities and develop a strategic plan for engagement. Engages with convergent stakeholders to strengthen our impact and deliver value to the business. Monitors regional and local NGOs, activists, and political developments to identify trends with implications to the business.
Active involvement with the communities in which the organization operates to aide and address social, economic, and environmental challenges and promote an enabling operating environment and the organization’s relations and image in a positive way.  This may include Conducting periodic monitoring, evaluation and reporting on the implementation and impact of the Coca-Cola Foundation locally.
Supports Communications to influence beliefs/perceptions with focus on public opinion to protect and promote the reputation of the organization as well as communications to influence beliefs/perceptions with focus on government policy and legislative direction to improve the organization’s regulatory and economic environments
Support public education/awareness programs to communities
Reporting into the Franchise PACS Director, provide inputs to support the franchise planning process.


At least 7 years of relevant experience, with responsibility for public affairs, government relations & regulatory affairs, stakeholder management, and sustainability. Experience of working internationally or in multicultural teams is advantageous.


Analyze public policy and regulatory issues, manage divergent stakeholders, engage convergent stakeholders and share insights to define the public affairs, government relations, and sustainability strategy for the business.


Communicate on a regular basis with key internal and/or external parties, and has responsibility for collating and sharing public affairs, government relations, and sustainability related data for consolidation at the OU level.
Requires ability to influence parties within and outside of the job function at an operational level regarding policies, procedures and practices
Communicates with parties within and outside of own job function
Frequently required to communicate with parties external to the organization (e.g., regulators, stakeholders, partners, customers, vendors, etc.)


Owns tactical and operational plans with short to mid-term focus (1-3 years) executing organizational strategy in alignment with parent/independent organization objectives, recommending operational strategies and plans with direct impact on results
As a people manager typically coordinates with and manages large team of professionals or multiple small cross-functional teams led by team leaders / supervisors or managers. May have some directly reporting professionals
As an individual contributor operates with broad latitude in a complex environment, acts as a subject matter expert within the organization. Manages large projects or processes, coaches lower level professionals in skills, delegates work to them and reviews it
Problems and issues faced are difficult and often complex and may require understanding of broader set of issues.


Responsible for making improvements of processes, systems or products to enhance performance of the job area
Problems are solved by identifying the root cause of the problem and modifying solutions applied to similar problems


Typically requires a University Degree or equivalent experience in related fields.


Public Policy & government relations
Stakeholder Management
NGO engagement
Incident Management & Crisis Resolution

Business & Financial Acumen
Coalition Building
Negotiation Skills
Public Service
Leadership Experience


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