Back End Engineer

Job Role:

As a software engineer, you’ll be the brain behind crafting, developing, testing, going live and maintaining the system. You are passionate in understanding the business context for features built to drive better customer experience and adoption.


Familiar with the software development life cycle (SDLC) from analysis to deployment.
Comply with coding standards and technical design.
Believes in systematic approach to developing the system through clear documentation (flowcharts, layouts, & etc) of functionality, address every use case through creative solutions.
Adapts structured coding styles for easy review, testing and maintainability of the code.
Integrate the developed functionality and/or component into a fully functional system.
Ensure unit and integration level verification plan are in place and adheres to great quality of code at all time.
Active participate in troubleshooting, debugging and updating current live system.
Verify user feedback in making system more stable and easy.
Work closely with analysts, designers and other peer developers.
Preparing technical training documents for onboarding new engineers.


Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent practical experience.
4+ years of enterprise application development experience using Java
2+ years of Spring framework experience
2+ years of enterprise messaging systems experience (Kafka / RabbitMQ)
2+ years of RESTful API design and implementation experience
2+ years of enterprise Linux experience
Understanding of SOLID, data structures and algorithms and OOP
Understand replication, sharding, partitioning and load balancing
Hands-on with SQL (PostgreSQL and MariaDB) and NoSQL (MongoDB) databases.
Version control using GIT
Experience in designing and building microservices
3rd party API integration experience
A background in fintech/banking with sound oral and written communication skills.
Experience in NGINX and HAproxy
Prior experience with AWS or/and GCP is a plus.
Prior experience with Go is a plus
Prior experience with K8s is a plus


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About Tanda

Tanda is a fintech startup working to revolutionize access to essential digital financial services for MSME's across Africa. Through Tanda, micro-retailers can not only access inventory credit, but also become access points for essential services such as Airtime, Utility payments, M-banking & Insurance for their customers.