Driver Mechanic

Main task
To work in a busy transport and vehicle maintenance unit for income generation.
Qualifications Required.

Certificate/Diploma in Automotive Engineering/Motor vehicle mechanic.
Ten (10) years of experience working in a busy garage within an institutional/structured setting with 10-20 vehicles.
Excellent knowledge in the management of a transport unit for income generation
Good writing skills with ability to develop business plans, incomes, profit and loss accounting and general vehicle maintenance analysis.
Good communication, personnel management skills with wide vision and entrepreneurial mind.


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Applications indicating current salary to be sent through email and postal address. Hard copy applications can be hand delivered to the SACDEP Office in Thika or through post addressed to:
– The Executive Director – SACDEP- Kenya, P O Box 1134-01000, Thika.
Soft copies of applications and testimonials to be sent

Email: info@sacdepkenya.orgAddress: SACDEP-Kenya,
P.O. Box 1134 – 01000
Thika, Kenya

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