Manager Business Process Improvement
Job Type Full Time
Qualification MBA/MSc/MA
Experience 5 – 7 years
Location Nairobi
Job Field Banking
Job Details

Operations: a range of essential and complex services to ensure processes across the bank work as effectively and efficiently as possible

Job Purpose

  • Provide strong operational support to the Senior Manager, Operational Excellence by taking responsibility of and managing all aspects of Business Process Re-engineering across assigned units. The role will require:
    -Delivering a comprehensive programme of process changes and ensure that they are strategically, financially and operationally sustainable.
  • Process Mapping, Process Modelling and Simulations vis-à-vis existing and new systems, work measures, volumes, standards and procedures.
  • Drive business process change and quality improvement initiatives and implementation and will include:
  • Planning, Organising, Directing and Coordinating BPR activities within assigned units.
    Serve as a facilitator of the BPR engagements enabling the stakeholders arrive at the most ideal processes.
  • Documenting, obtaining necessary approvals and publishing processes in the repository.
  • Overseeing the implementation of all new and reviewed processes across the Bank.
  • Defining process performance metrics and resource productivity thereof.
  • Research, design and develop best practice processes and procedures in the business.
  • Collaborate with process owners and other stakeholders to identify new opportunities to automate and simplify processes.
  • Develop innovative solutions to address process inefficiency or inadequate service delivery
    Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities
  • Strategic ExecutionUnderstanding the overall Bank Strategy and how business processes fit into the Bank’s strategy.
  • Implement suitable business process transformation strategies to respond to internal and external drivers, challenge existing practice and identify new and better ways of working in order to accelerate growth towards achieving strategic outcomes, whilst maintaining financial balance, and increasing quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Continually recommend improvements and adaptations to existing systems, processes and structures to ensure current and future sustainability of quality service.
  • Support business process re-engineering to ensure that processes are lean, efficient and effective through the elimination of non-value adding activities and identification of opportunities that support/drive the migration of transactions to economically viable alternative electronic delivery channels.
  • Undertake business analysis, business requirement gathering, solutioning, project management, governance and control and delivery activity across process transformational programmes and projects.
  • Support teams with skills in process excellence, project management, facilitation, problem solving, accelerating transformation and value creation to drive toward required outcomes.
  • Perform substantiation tests to ensure the right process initiatives are undertaken and the business benefits are being fully realized.
  • Process Reviews and ImprovementPartner with Business Units to ensure that Bank processes are mapped and reviewed regularly and at the set frequency noting to assess for efficiency and relevance.
  • Work with business process owners to define the priority list of business processes that could be automated or simplified.
  • Review the processes using productivity data, cost analysis and other means to determine what the improvement opportunities are. Determine if more research or analysis is required and what the most appropriate research would be. Further research could include activities such work study with people performing the process steps, desk-based research on alternative processes or reviews of incident logs and audit/assurance reviews.
  • Make recommendations to process owners and other leaders in the business unit on which processes should be prioritised based on the research findings.
  • Contribute to the development of business cases for process re-engineering that will require direct expense or formal projects to be launched by providing a view on the effort that will be required and the types of resources that will be needed.
  • Develop the needs case for internal process changes or small enhancements and obtain approval from the business unit leadership and the process owner before commencing redesign work.
  • Drive the design of new business processesFacilitate process design workshops with participants from across the process value chain. Document the to-be processes using process flow diagrams and supporting documents in the format as required by the bank (for example Aris or MS Visio maps).
  • Engage with operational risk and compliance teams to review the new processes from a control and compliance perspective. Improve the control points if required.
  • For processes that are completely new, work with business teams and project managers to conduct proof of concept exercises to test the viability of the processes. If required, make changes in the process steps.
  • Identify processes changes that would benefit from running in live pilots before rolling out to the larger organisation. Ensure that there is a mechanism in place to obtain critical feedback from pilot sites or divisions.
  • Incorporate improvements into the processes before deploying.
  • Where required, conduct process-based cost analysis on the different parts of the process including determining the commercial impact of the process changes in relation to previous processes. Ensure that any financial benefits that are realised in the new process are validated by Finance and accounted for in the project benefits.
  • Lead the updating of requirements and process designs as new information comes to light.
  • Assess the risks and potential impacts of new or updated processes on systems, related processes and control measures. Highlight the risks to the process owner together with recommendations for mitigating actions. Where technology changes are required due to process or control changes, participate in the development of the system specifications.
  • For newly designed processes, ensure that the processes pass control assessments conducted by operational risk and audit teams. Close any gaps that they may identify and own the action items related to the process design.
  • For selected processes, work with execution teams or back office teams to develop supporting service level agreements, uptime requirements and other key metrics.
  • Participate in the development of training manuals, quick reference guides and other materials that explain the processes to employees.
  • Process Governance, Risk Management and StandardisationEnsure the major operational and automation risks in the process value chain are identified and ensure that the required controls are incorporated in the process chain to reduce exposure.
  • Ensure that strict version control and document management is applied to process maps and supporting work instructions and RASCI charts.
  • Act as a key point of contact during audit reviews of processes. Ensure that all the documentation auditors need to review processes are made available.
  • Provide guidance to external contractors or consultants that are contracted to do process design work on the process standards, tools and methods used in the bank. On request, perform quality assurance on their process documentation.
  • Track and monitor that all process changes are aligned to supporting items such as policy documents, detailed work instructions, job aids and reference guides.
  • Partner with all CE & SS business unit heads in review and enhancement of Service Level Agreements (SLA) ensuring that they remain fit for purpose, are better than the competition and are aligned to customer expectation on service delivery.
  • Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2015Ensure that the quality management system conforms to the requirements of the International and local Standards.
  • Ensure that processes are delivering their intended output by monitoring at every stage in the value chain.
  • Report on the performance of the quality management system and on opportunities for improvement.
  • Ensure the promotion of exceptional client experience throughout the organisation.
  • ComplianceEnsure implementation and adoption within assigned portfolio of all Compliance, Anti-Money
  • Laundering and Sanctions related requirements contained in policies, procedures and processes. This includes monitoring and identifying any material compliance related breaches and escalating them to line management and the Compliance Office.
  • Stakeholder Engagement· Builds and maintain credible and value adding relationships with stakeholders, including executives, peers, internal and external partners.
    · Partners with Business Heads to identify customer service expectations, agree SLAs and align to processes in order to deliver an appropriate client service
    · Collaborates with other areas through continuous interactions to ensure that best practices are implemented, and a standard approach is followed.
    Preferred Qualification and Experience
  • Masters degree: Business Commerce
  • First degree: Business Commerce/Project Management/Change Management
  • Six Sigma qualification
  • 5-7 years Substantial experience in process design in a services industry


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