IT Liaison Management

Roles and responsibilities


  • Supervise and develop ideal IT system
  • Create an IT roadmap and action plan for future growth
  • Provide direction, consultation, approve administer and monitor major projects, IT budgets, priorities, standard procedures and overall IT performance.
  • Involve in testing integrity and performance of various information networks and software applications
  • Regular periodic review and evaluate how needs, current systems and applications are meeting the needs of the hospital and employee working.
  • Coordinate with all heads of departments and unit IT officers and take their inputs to improve technology solutions
    and adoption of, researching and installing new improved control computer system budget and expenditure
  • Regular review meetings with all key stakeholders to update key IT actions, Review the adequacy and allocation of it resources in terms of funding, personnel and service
  • Managing end to end IT operations of the hospitals.
  • These include plan, organize, control, and evaluate operations of information systems and electronic process
  • Provide network design installation, monitoring, management and troubleshooting for WAN and LAN including main location and remote sites
  • Ensure successful implementation and roll out of various modules of HMIS
  • Ensuring equipment interface setup and maintenance
  • Coordinate priorities between IT and other departments
  • Maintain current and accurate inventory of technology, hardware and software resources
    Web master
  • Business planning in terms of defining the internet presence of SGH with all the latest information updates and web support
  • Higher back end e processor such as encrypt, track information collected from visitors visiting the site (medical tourism) develop and monitor online community tool (social networking) such as message board, feedbacks form surveys, software and hardware related to internet
    Consultant role
  • Consultant to execute level officer to develop and apply IT policy and standards
  • Coordinate with system analysts, computer programmers, developers, support staff and assigning priorities during in-house software development process
  • Identify, communicate and implement new technologies to enhance long-term operational and strategic goals of the hospital
  • Train staff about new and potential use of the system
  • Provide orientation to new users of implemented technology
  • Provide user training on various business application and application software
  • Provide individual training and support on request
    Team leader
  • Leads the IT team in SGH
  • Vendor management
    approve and handle IT vendor used by the organization, keep supportive documents and hold review meetings.
  • Obtain competitive prices from suppliers to ensure cost effectiveness
  • Ensure that software licensing laws are adhered to
  • Backup and security manager
  • Schedule upgrades and security backups of hardware and software system
  • Troubleshoot all technology issues
  • Maintain log and /or list of regular repairs and maintenance
  • Provide network accounts and password as required
  • Identify and prepare hardware for disposal when appropriate
  • Ensure hardware is stripped and secured before disposal

Minimum education and experience

  • Degree in computer science
  • 5 years’ experience in IT management and support of healthcare information system
  • Excellent working knowledge and system administration, data bases and storage systems and phone systems
  • Experience in leading and managing large IT projects
  • Experience with IT service performance metrics and benchmarking
  • Experience in IT infrastructure and operations best practices


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About Shalom Community Hospital

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