Officer Voucher Processing Centre

Job Purpose

To ensure flawless and accurate processing of inward cheques, EFT credits and direct debits while minimizing operational risk and fraud, and delivering excellent service to all customers and stakeholders.


Key Responsibilities

Back-up all clearing files reports and KBA circulars in the required folders
Carry out End of Day in Clearing System.
Tally and archive all outward cheques from branches
Daily Reconciliation of clearing GL accounts to ensure all transactions have been posted into the intended client’s accounts.
Process salaries and standing instructions received via Salary Processing System (SPS).
Import and process inward clearing data into clearing system
Validate all inward cheques on Mandate and any technical errors and unpay if transaction doesn’t meet the required threshold
Validate all incoming mandates and process acknowledgement accordingly
Unpay any EFTS that doesn’t meet the required threshold
Callback on both EFTS and cheques according to the set limit
Post cheques, EFT’s, direct debits into the core banking
Share overdrawn report with all the stakeholders
Unpay all transactions that has insufficient funds as guided by CAD
Post any outstanding transaction outstanding on reconciliation
Process the Cover page on a timely manner
Prepare and submit the necessary requested reports in a timely manner
Process Non-CTS cheques(on collection)
Any other role assigned by the supervisor/Manager

Providing Excellent Customer Service

To attend to internal email queries prompt and to give quality customer service
To reach out to supervisor on any queries unable to attend to
To process customer’s transactions efficiently and promptly to meet the expected TATs
Work as a team player for the smoothness of the department
Ensure policy and guideline adherence
Provide enthusiastic response and teamwork
Carry oneself in a professional manner as per HR guidelines

Prevention of losses and Risk Minimization

To ensure accurate processing of all transactions
To promptly recover all charges as per the bank according to tariff guideline
To ensure compliance to internal and external regulatory requirements
To ensure adherence to the laid down policies and procedures as provided by the bank for purposes of ensuring risks and losses are kept at minimum

Knowledge; Skills and Experience required for this Role

At least five year experience in clearing and a clear understanding of banking operations
A business related degree from a reputable university
Ability to identify, analyze and manage operational risk.
Good analytical skills to analyze interpret resolve and change workflow and improve productivity.
Thorough understanding of banks products and customer mandates

Competencies required for this Role

Knowledge of the KBA and banks procedures and processes
Good team player
Innovative and provide sound solutions for improvement in terms of best practice.
Excellent customer service

Problem Solving

Should be able to provide solutions in a timely manner.
Proper escalation of any challenges faced so as to seek solutions for the same.
• Able to work under pressure


Report to delegated Authority
High sense of integrity
High sense of discipline


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