Ecommerce Manager

JOB PURPOSE: To ensure E Commerce Business run smoothly and effectively to deliver maximum value and productivity to the organization as a whole

Role and Responsibility

  • Responsible for End to End E commerce Activities and should have 8+ Years of Experience
  • Responsible for driving transactions by increasing web traffic & on-boarding sellers across all categories.
  • Increasing Sales through new customers & repeat sales from existing customers.
  • Managing Logistics through In-House & Third Party Partners
  • Overseeing Design and Developments of Website
  • Administering and Supervising web merchandising to accomplish the company target
  • The E commerce Manager will develop plans for any new advances or initiatives to improve the company’s online presence and e-sales.
  • Providing support for strategy development and sales performances.
  • Meeting customers expectations by recommending changes to product or services and websites.
  • Supervise all activities and product development
  • Undertake Operational responsibility includes Warehousing , Product Catalogue Fulfillment
  • Strong Understanding of modern technology , websites designing.
  • Responsible for Business Development by planning and overseeing the new market initiative
  • Increasing the e-sale through Digital Marketing Team.
    Key Requirements
  • Knowledge of Technology, Digital Marketing, Site Merchandising, Logistics & Sales.
  • Sound knowledge of website management and eCommerce usability


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