Safety Manager (Commercial & Regional Operations)


We are pleased to announce the following vacancy in the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Department within Resources division. In keeping with our current business needs, we are looking for a person who meets the criteria indicated below.

Brief Posting Description   

The Health, Safety and Wellbeing function is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of all elements of Safaricom’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing management’s system to assure the highest possible degree of health, safety and wellbeing for Safaricom’s employees, contractors, sub-contractors and visitors to company premises/ sites of operations in liaison with the management and teams across all other business functions including stakeholders

Reporting to the Senior Manager Health, Safety and Wellbeing, the role holder will identify and remedy high risk areas in the Commercial Divisions (Customer Operations, Consumer Business Unit, Enterprise Business Unit and Financial Services) and across Regional Operations, through actively promoting a culture of safety.

Job Responsibilities 

  • Implementation of Safaricom’s Health and Safety Management System in the Commercial Divisions and across regional operations.
  • Stewardship of Health and Safety Management System, procedures and programs towards ensuring flawless business operations across Commercial Divisions and Regional Operations.
  • Implementation of the Safaricom annual high-level Health and Safety Plan ensuring 100% delivery in role-related functions.
  • Perform Health and Safety reviews, on-site inspections and audits of physical conditions and work practices to identify and evaluate hazardous conditions and practices within role related sites of operations.
  • Develop and implement a hazard identification and risk assessment program for the functions developing risk registers and mitigations for each of the business units and areas of operations.
  • Coordinate the implementation of controls from results of the HIRA process.
  • Provide documented input at the build stage of new role-related facilities and infrastructure.
  • Provide counsel concerning compliance requirements to Commercial and Regional teams, employees, contractors, visitors and other persons directly involved in function-related operations.
  • Maintain a strong field presence ensuring that all function-related business operations comply with OSH laws and regulations, Safaricom Standards and internationally accepted OSH standards.
  • Coordinate deep dive audits across the role relate functions and supplier base towards determining compliance to
  • Safaricom H&S standards and track actions arising to closure.
  • Coordinate related functions Senior Management tours and engagement activities and reporting
    Health and Safety Reporting


Review each role-related Division’s and Regions Health and Safety KPI data and develop trend analysis reports including recommendations on appropriate corrective measures based on the review.
Building Health and Safety Capability

  • In liaison with HR and the HSW Senior Officer, identify, formulate and steward function-specific health and safety training matrix including statutorily mandated, task specific or general safety training and awareness sessions for the Commercial and Regional teams, contractors, subcontractor and visitors.
  • Develop, document and implement training material on health and safety applicable to each of the functions.
  • Develop and sustain holistic awareness campaigns at strategic and tactical levels to build health and safety awareness and capability.
    Contractor/ Supplier Safety Management
  • Ensure maintenance of the comprehensive Contractor/ Supplier Safety Management process.
  • Provide overall coordination of the contractor safety management process within the role-related activities.
    Incident Management

Coordination of investigation of all accidents, near misses, dangerous occurrences, property damage or loss, first aid cases and medical treatment cases reported across Commercial and regional operations and the identification of corrective and/ or preventative action to prevent recurrence, where applicable.
Work Control Procedures

  • Develop and implement effective work control (SOP) procedures for high-risk tasks to be utilized consistently.
  • Ensure the implementation of a PPE policy to be adhered to consistently during the performance of high-risk tasks.
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Coordinate emergency incidents that occur within Commercial and Regional sites of operation in conjunction with other stakeholders.
  • Ensure that all legal obligations imposed on the Employer with regards to emergency preparedness and responses are adhered.
  • Co-ordinate requisite inspections and assessments and risk reduction mitigations as necessary.
  • Assist other business functions / stakeholders in the planning and execution of events to assure the highest standards of safety at related events.
  • Coordinate first aid team and fire marshal team activities across commercial and Regional operations to ensure the promotion of the highest standards of health and safety at the workplace as well as up to standard first aid and fire safety arrangements at the workplace and appropriate response to emergencies that may arise at the workplace.
  • Management of the inventory of all first aid amenities/ supplies provided at across commercial and Regional operations (including medical supplies, medical and non-medical equipment and signage) ensuring that they meet, at all times, legal and best practice standards. This shall include inspection and maintenance of the inventory, as and when required.
  • Management of the inventory fire safety provisions (fire detection and suppression systems) ensuring that these meets, at all times, legal and best practice standards. This shall include inspection and maintenance of the inventory, as and when required.
  • Planning, participation and coordination of H&S arrangements for function related live events including emergency response in conjunction with other stakeholders.
    Digital tools for Health and Safety

  • Steward implementation of the digital tools to ensure faster, simplified and more effective management of
  • Safaricom’s Safety and Health Management System across commercial and Regional operations
  • Ensure 100% utilisation of Entropy and I-tower across commercial and Regional operations.
  • Spearhead and report on HSW related sustainability initiatives within the commercial and Regional operations.
  • Ideally a degree in Engineering or science related field
  • Relevant qualifications in Occupational Health and Safety
  • 3-5 years minimum work-related experience in managing Health and Safety.
  • Working experience in the Telecommunication, oil and gas or manufacturing industry.
  • Thorough knowledge of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, The Work Injuries Benefit Act and subsidiary legislation.
  • Good understanding of Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems
  • Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of managers or employees
  • Demonstrate ability to understand the GSM network and IT infrastructure
  • Project Management and Coordination Skills
  • Good understanding of incident investigations process
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Business process analysis techniques
  • Risk management and process improvement


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