Economic Mobility Assistant
Job TypeFull Time
Job FieldAdministration / Secretarial
Grade: 4

Starting Salary: KES 67,000

Supervisor: Program Coordinator, Resettlement

Supervision Given: None

The main purpose of the position is to provide support to the Resettlement Unit, specifically working on processing refugee applicants for economic mobility, mainly to Canada.   The Economic Mobility program aims to identify and refer successful refugee applicants for job opportunities in Canada and beyond.  The program also aims to continue building on the outcomes and learnings of a pilot project – the Economic Mobility Pathways Project by documenting opportunities and barriers to labour migration in the refugee context.

Core Responsibilities of this Position:


  • Receive applications from refugee applicants and conduct different types and levels of screening to ensure the applicants meet the economic mobility program criteria, employer needs, provincial and federal requirements.
  • Develop understanding and knowledge around participating countries’ economic mobility programs including their skills classification and apply the same during screening.
  • Schedule, contact, and conduct language testing for successful applicants and coordinate formal language testing with accredited testing centres.
  • Liaise and correspond with UNHCR offices, namely, Branch Office Kenya, Sub Office Dadaab and Sub Office Kakuma around the screening process and requirements.

Data Entry

  • Conduct data entry for all applications received by entering all pertinent data points required.
  • Enter and update the economic mobility database consistently, organize information to fit the format required by the database and ensure data is backed up.
  • Create accurate spreadsheets that capture pertinent information necessary for implementing the program and generate statistics when required.

Employment Applications/Job Interviews  

  • Provide support to applicants in drafting, preparing and completing job applications including writing curricula vitae, resumes and other required documentation.
  • In coordination with the supervisor, conduct job interview preparation for the applicants which includes employer briefing, providing guidance on and sharing relevant reading materials, scheduling and or conducting mock interviews and giving feedback.
    Immigration Applications 
  • Facilitate the completion of provincial and federal immigration documents by demonstrating a firm grasp of the immigration requirements of the participating countries and guiding applicants through the process including the sourcing of required documents.
  • Provide all other support to ensure the successful submission of immigration applications and troubleshooting where necessary.
  • When required, undertake missions to UNHCR offices in Kakuma, Dadaab, Nairobi and other locations to conduct screening, language testing, preparation of employment applications including CVs/resumes, completion of provincial and federal immigration documents.
    Documentation and Record Keeping
  • Maintain soft and hard copies of the program’s related documents.
  • Create and document files to allow for retrieval when necessary.
  • Document best practices learned when doing data entry and general screening.
    Information Sharing/Expectations Management
  • Regularly and in conjunction with partners, engage in information sharing/awareness raising and expectations management sessions about labour mobility with participating applicants and the refugee community in general.
  • Ensure the communication about prospects and opportunities is realistic and in line with program requirements and standard operating procedures.
  • When needed, conduct focus group sessions with the community to assess the level of awareness about the program, clarify any misconceptions or misinformation, gather relevant information/data and field questions from the community.
    Other Duties 
  • Engage in activities aimed at fraud mitigation and prevention.
  • Attend to other program duties as may be assigned.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Office Administration, Business Administration, Social Studies or any other related field.
  • Secretarial or administrative experience in private or public sector is required.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Good command of MS Office packages.
    Desired Qualifications:
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Self-motivated and able to work with a high degree of autonomy.
  • Good working knowledge of English is required.
  • Proficient typing skills.
  • Experience working with refugee communities in urban areas.
  • French proficiency is considered an added advantage.
  • Previous data entry, file review and form fill work experience is considered an advantage.
    Special Requirements:

A certificate of police clearance.


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