Information Technology Specialist

Main Duties

Ensure the efficient, secure and effective operation of the company’s network in the Head Office and all regional offices.
Provide confidence to the company staff that they have the ICT equipment, resources and day to day support they need to do their job efficiently, wherever they are located.
Ensure that an adequate plan for disaster recovery and carrying out back-ups of the company’s data is maintained and implemented.
Provide inductions to all new the company staff on the computer system, including use of all relevant software packages.
Ensure maintenance and update of all relevant licenses.
Administration of a centralized Helpdesk service to all staff members for the company.
Monitor compliance with ICT best practice, policies and procedures.
Research hardware and software options as new needs arise and make reasoned recommendations on infrastructure that best suits the company needs.
End user support, routine maintenance and IT infrastructure support.
Creation and termination of authorized users.
Install and configure newly acquired IT systems.
Install and configure computer hardware operating systems and applications.
Monitor and maintain computer systems and networks.
Troubleshoot network and systems problems and carry out corrective action.
Present monthly, quarterly and yearly reports on ICT to the Senior Management Team


Qualifications and experience

Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in ICT.
At least 4-5 years hands on experience in ICT field.
Demonstrable commitment to customer-focused service to achieve organizational objectives.
Able to manage workloads to meet searching and complex targets set by management
Ability to communicate the realities and possibilities of ICT to non-technical audiences including managers, staff and partners at all levels.
Must be able to work independently while being a strong team player


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