TESIK Capability Manager
Job Type Full Time
Qualification BA/BSc/HND
Experience None
Location Laikipia
Job Field Security / Intelligence
About the role

The TESIK Capability Manager is a recognized subject matter expert (SME) and authority across the full spectrum of planning, preparation, and execution of multiple Live Exercises throughout the training year. Duties and responsibilities are applicable to all phases of each scheduled TESIK Exercise: Plan, Prepare, Execute, and, assess all Instrumentation and other training requirements for a successful exercise. The TESIK Capability Manager reports directly to the Ravenswood TESIK Program Manager. The TESIK Capability Manager is responsible for all matters of logistical and exercise support of TESIK. The TESIK Capability Manager supervises the TESIK Liaison Officer in all aspects of exercise support. The TESIK Capability Manager must be knowledgeable in the employment of the Mobile Ground Truth System (MGTS), have a working knowledge of Live, Virtual, Constructive (L/V/C) technical techniques and procedures, and be familiar with Training Aids, Devices, Simulators, and Simulations (TADSS) integration.

The TESIK Capability Manager manages and directs coordination and provides contracted support to the BATUK commander and the exercising Battle Group commander in Planning, Coordination, Synchronization and Execution of platoon/company/battle group training and certification in a austere environment, as it pertains to the architecture support of an instrumented after action review (I-AAR) and data capture.

The TESIK Capability Manager provides the BATUK commander and staff recommendations to best support training exercises during all planning conferences, site surveys and training area reconnaissance. The TESIK Capability Manager performs duties as the senior training analyst for the BATUK commander during each exercise. The TESIK Capability Manager provides all contractor oversight and is overall responsible for all Ravenswood personnel in Kenya. The TESIK Capability Manager works closely with the Program Manager during resource development, staffing requirements, and instrumentation costs to support exercise budget requirements.

The TESIK Capability Manager is overall responsible for the safety and security of Ravenswood personnel and equipment deployed in support of a TESIK exercise. The TESIK Capability Manager oversees the actions of the Security Team Leader and ensures all aspects of force protection and security are being adhered to.

As we grow our business, we anticipate the TESIK Capability Manager playing a critical role in the development and execution of new business with the opportunity to shape innovative solutions for emerging client requirements. The ideal TESIK Capability Manager will possess the skill, experience, and attitude required to lead small, versatile teams in support of these innovative solutions and to work with RS management to determine the optimal organization for each new client requirement.


  • An advanced degree (Master’s degree) or equivalent or a minimum of 10 years of related experience supporting military operations.
  • Retired Army Officer (sub-unit commander or higher) with extensive experience/expertise in military training management. Experience working in or in support of military training management for the British Army is desirable. [
  • Working experience/knowledge in British Army Training Doctrine and BATUK training objectives.
  • Demonstrates proficient oral and written communication, with strong attention to detail
  • Two or more years working with and using instrumented training and techniques.
  • Substantial knowledge and experience in managing large, complex projects or work closely related to the work as described and required by the task.
  • Shows initiative with an emphasis on team building.
  • Demonstrates flexible attitude and adapts easily to changing requirements and schedules.
  • Able to function at a high-level in high OPTEMPO environments.
  • Experience with the production of high-quality, “instrumented” After Action Reviews (I-AARs) that utilize presentation inputs from several visual and audio sources including PowerPoint, tracked movements on a 2-D map, tracked movements within a 3-D virtual environment, and video from tablets.
    Professional Skills and Characteristics:
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office applications
  • Demonstrates proficient oral and written communication, with strong attention to detail and an ability to interact effectively with people of varying technical abilities (engineers, technicians, and military personnel)
  • Demonstrate initiative with an emphasis on team building
  • Identifies potential and emerging problems with both equipment and personnel
  • Demonstrates flexible attitude and adapts easily to changing requirements
  • Able to perform well in high-stress, fast-paced environments
    Other Requirements:
  • Capable of spending multiple days and nights in a field environment
  • Capable of working a minimum of 4 exercises a year, each containing 29 days of continuous extended operations (24 hours).
  • Employment is contingent on successful completion of a background check
  • A drug screen will be required as part of the hiring process


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