Group Warehouse Manager
Job TypeFull Time
Experience10 years
Job FieldProcurement / Store-keeping / Supply Chain
We are scouting for an experienced Group Warehouse Manager, to be based in Remote location in Africa. Proven work experience as a Warehouse Manager or similar role with 10 years of High experience in global best practices of Inbound, Outbound and Storage Operation, Good knowledge of supply chain procedures, Good knowledge of transport safe loading requirements.

Successful candidate must be able to:

  • Responsible in the design, planning and manning requirements of new warehouse facilities and ensuring HSE, compliance legislation and international best practice is taken into consideration during the planning phase.
  • Responsible for ensuring the warehouse staff, of all levels, are trained to understand the RA processes and capable of operating systems deployed to manage warehouse functions.
  • Responsible for ensuring SOP’s are created and implemented in each country to streamline operations and ensure compliance through a series of reporting KPI’s from the responsible parties.
  • Identify errors in item descriptions, UoM’s, duplicated items, same items with different SKU’s and correct these errors across the group to produce a streamlined inventory.
  • To take a huge effort to clean up the inventory module to fully utilise all the functionality available as many errors, take a leading role in a task force to drive the definition and requirements of a new state of the art Warehouse
  • Management system for our Food and Non-food products.
  • Ensure in developing a rotational programme to visit each country with warehouse operations to carry out internal audits on the warehouse operations.
  • Develop a set of KPI’s for each along with a weekly and monthly reporting programme to monitor progress and capture problems early. In the event of new contracts or projects you would be involved and be in country for the initial set up and training of new staff. Have oversight of all country inventories and be responsible for recommending transfer, disposal or sales of obsolete and surplus materials in coordination with the HOD.


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