Commercial Associate

Duties And Responsibilities: 

Client Management

Attending all recurring meetings internally and with the client’s support team to enhance cordial relationships and customer satisfaction. Hence, a high and smooth Renewal rate.
Specifically ensuring that Crop Development Reports, mid-season and end season reports are generated timely and in the formats that the client required and presented to them. This enhances customer satisfaction and ensures a smooth payout process.
Maintain a proper client data sheet that includes critical client details- like when the budget is drawn and approved, to enhance timeliness in pitching to them, especially on the Collating all complaints from the client during the season and ensuring that all are captured while payout reporting is made.
Train the client’s and the stakeholders regional and the district team.
Manage the customer accounts while the CM/CD is away on leave.
Managing and improving sales tools and processes e.g the CRM.
Assisting with administrative tasks such as requisitions, workshop preparation

Administration Support

Support the line manager in writing meeting notes on the proper tool, recording the meeting, and filing the notes/recordings in the client folder.
Liaising with relevant teams internally to ensure that clients and commercial managers have accurate and reliable information.
Coordinating with the team carrying out farmer registration (whether it is client or PULA) to ensure we get farmers’ lists on time, and is correct.
Cooperate with internal department to update tools like click -up

Market Research & Pipeline Development

Provide research support on the new markets and new clients by performing research and analysis to identify business and client opportunities.


Pursuing leads, reaching out through calls and correspondence and arranging appointments
What you need to have to be successful:

You have a strong interest in a sales career.
You are open working in a sales target environment.
You have a passion for working with the public sector and NGO environment .
Critical Thinking Skills. You must have the ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions
You have at least 3 years experience working in an environment requiring people skills, relationship development and management
Behavioral Skills. You must be self-directed, work well alone or in a team structure, highly results oriented, and willing to learn and expand his/her technical and product knowledge base through formal education, professional training, and self-study.
Transferable skills from a customer relations role.
You have excellent communication and presentation skills, integrity and impeccable professionalism.
Experience and knowledge in the insurance industry will place you at an advantage.
You have the ability to use data and KPIs to make management decisions.
You are fully comfortable with Google Drive applications such as Google Sheets, Google Docs, as well as MS office applications such as powerpoint, excel etc.


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About Pula

At Pula, we are radically restructuring agricultural insurance, using technology to insure the previously unbanked, uninsured, untapped market of 1.5 billion smallholders worldwide. We work in eight countries across Africa and Asia, and in 2017 alone, we facilitated crop and livestock insurance cover to 611,000 farmers in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Malawi. Our Founders work in agriculture insurance has been recognized by several international awards including the Financial Times/IFC Award for Sustainable Finance. We work with Fortune 500 Companies, Global NGO’s, Microfinance Instructions, Research Institutions, and Governments to help provide smallholders the protection they need in an increasingly unpredictable climate.