Farm Officer

(Kshs40,000 – Kshs45,000)

Our client, an SME engaged in the manufacturing of healthy, tasty and high-quality organic food products based in Nairobi is looking for a FARM OFFICER.

Job Purpose:

The Farm Officer is responsible for the execution of the day to day running of the Farm operations at the Poultry Unit under the guidance of the Farm Manager. He/she is to provide Administration support for the Farm activities while ensuring that policies, processes and systems in place are enforced and consistently implemented for personnel and Farm Safety.

Duties and Responsibilities

Timely facilitate approved poultry schedules periodically according to the production requirements – eggs collection, eggs cleaning, storage, feeding, vaccination
Ensure that disinfection and vaccination activities are carried out as per the administration program in place
Facilitate and coordinate good handling of produce – collection, transfer to the stores, sorting, cleaning and storage; to avoid damages and losses
Up-date and maintain Farm records including bin cards; while ensuring accurate and correct information is captured
Oversee feeds issuance is done as per the allocated ratios per house and that records are maintained for traceability and reference purposes
Ensure isolation of birds on disease outbreak is maintained as guided by the Veterinary Consultant
Prepare respective brooders in readiness of flock transfers and arrivals
Ensure designated storage areas are maintained in good condition to ensure no cases of contamination.
Facilitate and coordinate transfer of manure periodically to the Crop Unit Farms on need basis
Routinely check and inspect all foot baths and ensure that they are frequently refreshed and well utilized to control cross contamination
Participate in monthly stock count and routine spot checks in liaison with the Loss Control Team
Oversee efficient execution and completion of allocated and assigned work to ensure that set targets are met
Exercise access control to, from and within the Farm to ensure that bios-security is fully enforced
Conduct routine checks on the Farm to ensure that operations are running as scheduled; and to affirm that everything at the farm is in good order
Ensure that staff are in full PPEs while at the Farm; conduct routine hygiene checks to ensure that set standards are duly adhered to as per the provided checklist
Communicate and enforce policies, procedures, systems and processes in place and ensure that the same are duly up-held and adhered to
Report any incidents or occurrences to Management; and ensure that procedures established are followed – recording and documenting reported cases
Generate and submit output reports on a timely basis – daily, weekly, monthly

Any other duties not necessarily mentioned which are in line with the position of a Farm Officer.


Qualifications, Skills and Requirements

Ability to multitask and prioritize work
Excellent verbal and written communication skills Attention to detail; with
Strong interpersonal and leadership skills
Assertive and proactive and
Planning, coordinating and organizing skills Experience:
Over 2 years’ experience working in the Farming industry with specialty in Poultry Management.
Degree/ Diploma in Animal Health/Organic Farming
Relevant qualification Certification of professional practice
Knowledge on organic farming is an added advantage


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