Sales & Marketing Director
Job Type Full Time
Qualification BA/BSc/HND
Location Nairobi
Job Field Sales / Marketing / Retail / Business Development

Key Activities And Responsibilities Of The Role
Sales: Achieve and maintain month on month average revenue growth, as stipulated in the financial model by December 31st 2020 and onwards

Effectively recruit and manage the performance of the Sales and Marketing management team.
Coach and guide regional managers in order to maximize the sales potential in their regions.
Optimize existing sales channels and develop innovative new ones in order to diversify the organization’s sales capability.

Sales: Optimize and Standardize existing sales channels by December 31 2020

Optimize and standardize field sales methods in order to effectively measure their performance and ensure continuous growth and sound ROI:
Door to Door
Market Storms
Group sales
Assess & redesign the function of the Tele sales team in order to elevate their contribution to at least 20% of total revenue by December 31 2020.
Sales: Increase the average revenue generated per sales agent per month by 50% by December 31 2020 and by a further 100% by December 31 2021
Effectively Restructure The Management Of The Field Sales Force, Ensuring Excellence In Sales Agent Recruitment, Training And Career Development, Resulting In

Significantly higher average productivity.
Significantly longer tenure with the company.

Sales: Develop and execute a sales strategy that assures an average of at least 80% repayment efficiency over the first 3-months of payments post-sale

Design and implement an effective incentive compensation structure that will:
Be cost effective with respect to the unit economics Attract top talent in the industry.
Ensure adequate drive in generating new sales.
Ensure adequate drive in ensuring strong repayment behaviors.
Work with HC, ICT and other functions in the organization to ensure that the agents are well equipped with resources and systems to pursue incentives successfully.

Business Development: Define and develop at least 2 new sales channels with clear performance management metrics, with each comprising at least 20% of total new revenue generation, reducing overall average customer acquisition costs by at least 20% by December 31 2021

Develop a third sales channel, that is separate from field and Telesales, comprising of at least 20% of new revenue generation by June 30 2021.
Develop At least one additional sales channel based on a national partnership, comprising of at least 20% of new revenue generation by December 31 2021.
Marketing: Align the company’s mission, vision brand and unique value proposition across the sales organization

Differentiate the organization from its peers and emphasize its core values across:

Marketing materials
Agent Training curriculum
Branding of agents and county shops
Market activation initiatives


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