Operations Manager
Job Type Full Time
Qualification BA/BSc/HND
Experience 5 years
Location Nairobi
Job Field Administration / Secretarial
The ideal candidate will have an ability to oversee the day to day operation of central warehouse, its direct and related functions. The functions includes replenishment of stocks to branch network and tracking of transit of jobs between the branches and HQ labs.


  • Manage Operational floors of Head office – This includes the departments: Main stores, Receiving Department, Overseas Departments, Control Room, Workshop and Packaging department
  • Ensure the Departments are working as assembly line flow, as all are interconnected. Ensuring the team is present on time and all critical SOP processes are being handled in required time. Any problems being faced by the departments is addressed so that does not effect the flow of work.
  • Ensuring the Head Office Stores are All Kept in Proper Cleanliness and Accuracy of 100% with proper records for all items. The stocks are to be maintained on SAP B1 and Stock cards. Ensuring the Inventory is upto date every day and Reorders are also being done on time such that no critical item is going out of stock.
  • Ensure timely order processing
    Orders should all be delivered to customers by the time we have promised them, therefore to ensure the departments are working and doing their jobs on time and completing the task before they leave for home.
  • Ensure branches have their stock replenished in as short a period of time
  • Ensure production team has the tools they require and that jobs are being produced as accurately and efficiently as possible
  • Supervising and ensuring receipt of new stocks of items (inventory) Air or Sea Shipment, confirming the accuracy of the items against the Packing list and do the GRPO in SAP B1 and inform the Imports department of any shortages or excess.
  • Analyze data for areas of weakness so can improve accuracy and efficiency
    E.g. see if in the process there are any bottlenecks and how to remove them
  • Checking the work of the Staff under him/her to ensure they are doing their work correctly and check their work not to go by word of mouth only.
  • Suggest changes of staff if someone is felt not doing their work properly.
  • Do Product Reorders in time to Management to inform them of what needs to be ordered before the item goes out of stock.
  • The manager would be handling a team of approx. 25to 30 persons and therefore has to build a proper working relationship, motivate the team and encourage the team to lead by example to ensure the SOP is being followed by each team member to achieve and beat the target for the department every month of delivering the order and product in time
  • Should be someone with 5+ years of experience in handling Inventory stores and team of members
  • Excellent English Speaking and Writing Ability.
  • Should have passed Bachelor’s Degree/Diploma
  • Ability to work on Computer with knowledge of Email, Excel, Word minimum should be there, Added knowledge of SAP B1 will be a plus.
  • Be organized, responsible person having respect for others
  • Optical industry experience is an advantage
    Currently working
    Honest and Dedicated Person, has to having respect for persons when speaking and addressing and treat them properly.


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