Facility Manager

About the role:

We are looking for a Facility Manager who will be responsible for running our facility, making improvements to all areas of the facilities, keeping track of planned improvements, managing construction teams and overseeing projects. They will also be responsible for making decisions related to costs and timelines in guidance with the company budget and priorities. The ideal candidate must have over 5 years experience as a Facility Manager in a Production/Manufacturing company. Additional experience in managing Automotive facilities will be an added advantage.

Our facility is both a high tech and busy environment with multiple projects overlapping and requiring very many different people, tools, power, space, support, and other elements. Our Facility Manager will need to manage and understand a greatly diverse set of sustaining projects and tasks.

Key Duties and responsibilities:

Weekly reporting by compiling checks carried out in the week.
Track building upkeep as well as anticipated long- and short-term improvements and maintenance
Strategic input into the workshop, warehouse, storage, office, logistics processes, communications and internet, security, environmental, spaces, catering, and any other area essential to Roam company operations in Nairobi
Supervising facility team of staff across different divisions
Managing, leading, and dealing with emergencies as they arise
Compile and analyze monthly costs and advise on trends and areas of improvements.
Meeting timelines as per schedules to ensure contractual turnaround time commitments are achieved.
To get information from the managers on a regular basis on any issues and needs of their respective departments
Committee Secretary for the Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Committee, be a liaison member between the committee and the shop floor, arrange for the meetings, take minutes, maintain records, and transact/communicate with the relevant authorities, (DOSHS, NEMA, etc.) on issues relating to Safety, Health and Environment or any other government bodies as per requirement or (director’s) instructions.
Manage the maintenance of gardens, internal roads, and housekeeping of the external premises
Ensure good quality PPEs are procured & issued to all workers as per the requirements & OSH regulations. Keep a check on the PPEs Inventory vide the central stores.
Inspecting buildings’ structures to determine the need for repairs or renovations, (painting, etc.)
Allocation, design, and implementation of office space according to needs
Active liaison with the company style and concept team to work to ensure our facility is world class on many levels including safety, employee satisfaction, efficiency, inspiration for guests as well as staff



Must have relevant education experience
Must have at least 5 years work experience in manufacturing processes.


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About Opibus (Roam)

The Beginning Roam was founded in 2017 just as electric mobility was taking off, when electric cars were just arriving on our streets. Roam vision is to make electric transport more accessible to a broader market by making the technology more cost efficient and simplifying deployment. The company focuses on all-electric conversion kits for fleet vehicles such as light trucks, public transport and buses, as well as electric motorcycles and energy systems. These focus areas have been chosen to maximize impact, as these vehicles are some of the highest CO2 emitting vehicles on the market and are largely an untapped opportunity. Therefore creating the standard for electric mobility in Africa. A New Approach This approach creates an ecosystem solution for sustainable transport, integrating technologies from the whole value-chain, with solutions within energy generation all the way to the end user driving the vehicles. ‍ Roam was founded as a research project at one of Sweden's top technical universities with a mission to implement electric mobility in emerging markets. This meant rethinking how the technology would be implemented and how it should be provided. Kenya was chosen as the location for the headquarters as it is the fastest growing nation in sub-saharan Africa. Kenya also has a growing amount of used vehicle imports, which means electric conversions really make sense, replacing expended combustion engines with electric systems, leveraging the existing chassis and implementing proven technology creates a cost effective second life for buses, trucks and fleet vehicles. The future With multiple vehicles in different segments launched, Roam has proven and validated the vehicles in one of the harshest terrains in the world. Showing that electric deployment in emerging markets not only works better, but makes financial sense. Not only saving customers immense amounts of fuel but also reducing CO2 emission from an accelerating global climate change. ‍ This is only the start of our journey, in the coming years we will be expanding to several markets around the globe. Simplifying implementation, increasing fleet efficiency, reducing cost and over the decade creating a positive impact on the world around us.