Head of Risk & Compliance

Job Description

Contribute to the overall risk management strategy of maintaining/ reducing the level of risk as business expands.
Liaising with leadership team, Credit / operations Managers on the identification and management of risks and highlighting risk concerns for Executive Review.
Develop all risks policies and compliance
Optimizing the trade of between maximizing revenue and minimizing losses, through in depth portfolio trend analysis
Assess risks i.e market risks, operations, reputation/ethics Risks etc and advise on mitigation
Provide exposure limits for the various business segments and provide a portfolio product mix
Advise credit teams on the industry trends
Raise the visibility of compliance issues, internally across all stake holders within the organization.
To influence the profitability of the Loans products through improving decision making via improved forecasting and modeling capability and delivery of Business shaping analysis
Lead the delivery of loans credit risk analysis, involving cross functional research and analysis to to identify resolution of credit risk issues.
Continually asses the adequacy of and adherence to internal credit policies and loan administration procedures
Project relevant trends that affect the collectibles of the portfolio and isolate potential problem areas
Provide management with accurate and timely information relating to credit quality that can be used for financial and regulatory reporting
Ensuring consistent application of the internal credit policies and loan administration procedures
Develop the Debt recovery team to recover 90% of non – performing Loans
Develop a Risk Manual, to guide Credit Managers on managing the various credit risks such as Classifications, Debt Recovery, Monitoring and Control.
Assess and advise the Credit team on the various classification categories and action to be taken.
Ensure Compliance Policy is in line with the regulatory bodies and as per the MFI Act.
Maximise return on capital
Assessing credit risks on requests outside of group lending going to the CEO and RMC for approval and clearly stating the level of risk and whether they are good for our level of risk assumption and the PAR acceptable levels
Monitor loan repayments globally and initiate/recommend course of action
Ensuring that the security documentation and other necessary documentation are obtained and completed in all respects before draw down of the facility
The initiating, setting up and maintaining of a system of lodgment and withdrawal of securities
Develop the credit analysis and relationship management skills of the business development coordinators thus ensuring that the BDC loan portfolio at risk is within 5% of the total BDC portfolio.
Identify opportunities to produce innovative ideas to keep risk management at the forefront of Business. Taking account of international practices where applicable such as Basel 2.
Member of the Head office Credit Committee as well as the EXCOM Committee


Business Degree
Knowledge and Skills
Accounting knowledge
A wide knowledge in the micro finance performance



At least 5 years experience in all aspects of lending i.e. risk assessment, monitoring and control of loans
Loan documentation
Experience in Internal Audit
Personal Attributes
Good decision making skills.
Good communication skills
Attention to detail


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