Cash Delegate


The purpose of the CVA delegate is to lead and support the implementation of devising and implementing the cash and vouchers modality in the health response in a drought affected context in Kenya and Somalia. The delegate will work closely with the National society counterparts on cash and health and devise an operational plan for cash and voucher assistance for health needs in drought affected areas under the climate change and health intervention supported by the donor in 3 countries.

The CVA and Health delegate under the direction of the Norcross regional office for Africa will work with National Society and other relevant cash actors to set up the cash and vouchers modality for the drought and climate crisis project. The delegate will be responsible for devising a detailed operational plan, including on beneficiaries, conditional modalities for achieving health outcomes for vulnerable population, continue to update needs and monitor activities and work closely with the National society in delivery mechanisms for cash payments and voucher preparation. The delegate will develop procedures with National Society for cash transfer via mobile and/ or health vouchers for improving access to health services and ensure barriers are addressed. The delegate will ensure that the National Society has capacities in place for implementation of conditional grants for health care services in drought affected areas. Coordination with logistics, finance and administration will be required including frequent field visits to project locations and primary health care centres (PHCs) to understand emerging trends in diseases and public health issues to ensure linkage to cash payments and modalities. Particular attention should be given to quality and accountability to beneficiaries and the affected population.

The CVA and Health delegate specifically brings in CVA strategic, technical and operational expertise building on the host NS capacity approach, enabling implementation of the cash modality for health needs.


Strategic responsibilities

Ensure that Norwegian Red Cross supported projects in relevant discipline are designed and implemented in line with Movements CVA guidelines and NorCross’s own CVA for health policy that outlines potential of conditional cash support for meeting financial barriers in access to and utilization of health services in crises.
Coach and support the Host National Society and NorCross project teams in cash and health technical standards and support the operationalization of those standards.
Develop detailed SOPs for conditional cash transfers in Kenya and Somalia and ensure support to National Society in devising of the SOPs and guidelines for the project locations.
Train teams and hold workshops in SOPs and monitoring of the procedures and indicators of results.
Contributes proactively with other technical personnel to Norwegian Red Cross global efforts to establish and operationalized technical standards in relevant areas.
Coordinate with Movement and non-Movement programme partners. Together with the NS cash focal point, participate in the cash coordination structure when/if established and any other coordination meetings.

Operational responsibilities Management:

Based on existing needs assessment and project design, prepare a detailed operational plan for cash payments including modalities, conditions, duration, criteria, frequency and delivery mechanism with the National Society;
Ensure implementation and monitoring of SOPs in implementation of CVA component of the programmes; collect learnings and ensure feedback process and improvements;
Support preparation of results indicators for CVA in health in collaboration with health teams based on proposals;
Follows up and supports the cooperation with the National Society in accordance with the Partnership Agreement;
Conduct regular meetings with NorCross teams and National Society and manage the activity plan and log frame;


Identify specialist skills that may be required (IM, registration systems, delivery mechanisms) and ensure adequate human resource capacity is identified for CVA implementation.
Support and provide technical support and inputs in the ongoing operation. Be responsible for setting up the CVA component including development of the plan of action and budget. Ensure programme delivery follows the Plan of Action, and recipient selection and transfer mechanisms follow agreed NS procedures and SOPs. Maintain overall oversight of all CVA elements ensuring targets are met and identified risks are mitigated.
Work with the NS to ensure that all necessary tools and systems (financial, logistics and M&E) are adapted for assessment, are in practice and disseminated. This includes SOPs, operational guidelines, risk register, recipient registration tools, monitoring tools, CEA tools, information management tools in line with data protection requirements, communication materials).
Oversee and support the delivery of the plan of action, including the RBM framework ensuring achievement of the set objectives and milestones.
Supports financial risk management, including annual audit process and proper handling of financial irregularities, in line with established rules and regulations.
Support the NS team to analyse the risks and complete the risk assessment including the measures to mitigate the potential risks. Engage the community as well as all relevant departments in the risk analysis and identification of measures to mitigate security and other potential programmatic risks.
Collaboration NorCross:

Engage with the Regional Finance Manager and the Results Management Officer at NorCross Regional Office, to ensure consistent accountability towards Norwegian Red Cross rules and regulations, guidelines and deadlines.
Regular communication with colleagues at the Programme Support Team, and Regional Team members at the Finance and
Grants Unit and International Human Resources Unit.
Closely collaborate with health delegates and country program managers on project implementation
Facilitate and plan for country visits by colleagues from National and Regional offices.
Liaise with National Office (HQ) Security advisor in accordance with rules and regulations.


Qualifications Formal Competence

University degree in relevant areas such as Disaster Management, social sciences, or technical qualification or equivalent experience
RCRC Movement CVA online or Face to Face trainings and Practical Cash in Emergencies (PECT) trained
Other relevant CVA training


Personal qualifications, skills and knowledge

Experience in implementing CVA modalities in emergency responses
Proven ability to implement cash and voucher assistance in challenging contexts.
At least 5 years´ experience leading and influencing the uptake of different aspects of CVA design and implementation (i.e.: CVA feasibility assessments, market analysis, response design including setting targeting criteria, transfer values and delivery mechanisms, encashment, and monitoring)
Experience from CVA in health will be highly desirable. Knowledge of health needs and responses is also desirable.
Fluency in English in required.


Knowledge of RC Movement’s CVA tools and guidance
Knowledge of use of CVA modalities to achieve health related outcomes
Ability to design cash grants with conditions keeping in view beneficiary needs and financial barriers
Knowledge of feedback and response mechanism, including appropriate methods of recipient communication and channels

Personal Qualifications

Ability to work towards achieving objectives and results.
Ability to deliver emergency projects of 6 months duration
Ability to work with partners and support capacity enhancement and trainings
Ability to convince and gain acceptance
Ability to communicate effectively.
Ability to be solution oriented


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