Director Policy and Government Relations, Africa

Essential Functions

The Director Policy and Government Relations, Africa will lead engagement with partner governments where we work. This position will work with national and intergovernmental institutions, development institutions, non-governmental organizations, and business entities at all levels to further the Conservancy’s mission whilst helping governments achieve their regional and international biodiversity and climate change commitments. They will coordinate internationally negotiated agreements, legislative, administrative, and corporate initiatives and policies related to The Nature Conservancy’s mission or programs. They will develop strategic partnerships to achieve TNC’s conservation goals and help shape the regional and national conservation strategies /initiatives to help government achieve their commitments through regular contact with country, regional and multilateral officials, institutions, and/or corporate representatives regarding actions related to the mission of The Nature Conservancy. The Director Policy and Government Relations will represent The Nature Conservancy before special interest groups and engage key public and private officials to increase support for TNC’s mission, and programs funding and development of policy statements.


Responsibilities And Scope

Applies a diversified knowledge of best practices to lead TNC’s government relations efforts within the region and countries where we work.
Support country programs and strategy leads to develop and implement government relations strategies.
Work with TNC country programs, partner governments and other NGOs and/or multilateral agencies to drive policy agenda in support of TNC’s work in the region to design strategies for and encourage the adoption of policies at the national level to help those countries develop and meet their commitments to their respective targets under the CBD and UNFCCC.
Manage and provide strategic direction to TNC Africa’s policy work, fostering enabling conditions to achieve desired policy results.
Lead and coordinate policy work in line with TNC Africa’s programs and strategies.
Works with the Africa Region Public Fundraising team and other partners to engage with public funding agencies in our countries, such as international lending agencies, bilateral development groups, and private investors, to create understanding of and support for TNC Africa priorities.
Support program objectives by working in a complex matrix organization environment collaboratively within a cross-functional interdisciplinary team.
Acts independently within broad program goals, i.e., community-based, and landscape-level conservation, sustainable finance, smart development, science and capacity building, and strategic partnerships.
Manages multi-disciplinary administrative and professional staff with responsibility for performance management, training, and career development. Establishes clear directions and sets stretch objectives.
Demonstrated ability to network and communicate effectively about TNC Africa.
Develops and administers departmental budget and has authority to modify budget based on changing circumstances. Operates within budget guidelines to ensure sound financial performance.
Work checked through consultation and agreement with others rather than by directives of superiors.
Ensures that program meets all lobbying, contractual and legal regulations, and standards.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in political science, environmental policy, management, or other relevant field and 10 years of related senior-level experience.
Experience working with current and evolving political, legislative, sustainability, and/or conservation trends on an international, regional, country, and sub-national level.
Fluency in English and knowledge of other languages within the geographies we work.
Experience building strong relationships across an organization and with partners such as corporations, public agencies, donors, and/or volunteers.
Experience managing and supervising a large multi-disciplinary team and managing a program budget.
Experience in directing or participating in complex negotiations and presenting to and communicating with government officials, corporate executives, board members and others.
Experience designing, implementing, and directing multiple and multifaceted projects, setting deadlines, and ensuring program accountability.
Experience in public policy, conservation/environmental policy, regulatory advocacy, and public funding.
Experience communicating complex processes and ideas effectively to a variety of audiences within and outside an organization.

Desired Qualifications

Master’s degree in relevant field, such as business development, corporate governance or strategic management or international development will be an added advantage.
Senior management experience including ability to motivate, lead, set objectives, and manage performance of a large multi-disciplinary team.
Superb communication and presentation skills; ability to persuasively convey the mission of TNC to diverse groups including key public policy decision-makers and other government officials, corporate executives, major donors, board members and others who are critical to the organization’s overall prosperity.
Works effectively in high-tension situations and maintains composure under pressure. Diffuses high-tension situations comfortably.
Creates and communicates a compelling vision.
Commands attention can change tactics midstream and manage group processes during presentations or discussions.
Demonstrated ability to develop constructive and effective working relationships inside and outside the organization.
Multi-lingual skills and multi-cultural experience appreciated. French and Portuguese an advantage.
Experience with corporate social responsibility or corporate sustainability.
Outstanding analytical, policy influencing, and project management capabilities. Demonstrated ability to successfully develop and implement complex projects in an unstructured environment.
Outstanding written and oral communication, negotiating, and organizational skills.
Independent and self-motivated with the ability to participate effectively in a remote team environment.
Demonstrated Fundraising experience


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About Nature Conservancy

We work with local communities, governments and organizations to conserve Africa’s important places. Africa is special. Its wild lands and waters are home to incredible numbers and diversity of species living close to people. For most rural Africans, connection to place takes on unique meaning, more so than anywhere else on Earth because their daily existence depends on the productivity of their natural resources. Challenges in Africa Some 60 percent of Africa’s lands and waters - community property, in a sense - are managed by the people who live on them. These people are undoubtedly the most vulnerable on Earth. A continuing threat is their lack of control over the communal lands and waters they depend on for survival. And as the people struggle, so too does the wildlife that relies on the same resources. An absence of strong institutions and governance further compounds these challenges. Therefore, our work in Africa is focused on perfecting and exporting the best examples of community-led conservation across the continent’s vast shared lands and waters. These examples are ones that provide tangible benefits to people. Conservation has to pay to be successful.