Senior Finance Officer

Project:                       The Mulika Initiative – Peaceful and Accountable Democratic Processes for a Cohesive Kenya

Reports to:                 Chief of Party

Location:                     Nairobi, Kenya

Project Description

The new activity, “Peaceful and Accountable Democratic Process for a Cohesive Kenya”, is a faith-based/civil society-led cohesion and election oversight programme with a purpose to improve accountability and transparency in electoral and democratic Processes; and enhance citizen resilience against political manipulation. It will be implemented from October 2021 – September 2023. The overall goal of Mulika Initiative is to contribute to a peaceful, credible, and accountable electoral and democratic process through inclusive and meaningful participation for a just Kenyan society. It will focus on the thematic and long-term observation; monitoring of human rights violation, election-related gender-based violence; promotion of national cohesion, peaceful coexistence, accountability and transparency; and mobilization of Kenya citizenry (particularly the youth) to resist political incitement and elite manipulation during the electoral and other democratic processes in Kenya.


Position Description

The Senior Finance Officer will be responsible for providing financial and accounting functions of the project. S/he will monitor and administer the donor funds, maintain donor contract inventories, supervise compilation and submission of donor reports in accordance with specific requirements, and follow up any issues arising from the analysis of reports. The Senior Finance Officer will supervise the finance officers under this project S/he will have overall responsibility in the areas of fund management.


Job Responsibilities:

Oversee and generally manage the financial functions of the project.
Co-ordinate the develop monthly and quarterly budgets for the project.
Prepare fund projections based on accomplishment of the project milestone.
Facilitate the reimbursements from the donor partners and disbursement of funds to consortia partners
Verify authenticity of various payments, ensuring proper authorization and charging to correct budgets lines.
Ensure that internal controls and the council’s financial policies and procedures are adhered to.
Ensure that donor financial regulations in funds management as per the grant agreements are adhered to.
Monitor budget performance on variances and corrective action that needs to be taken
Prepare monthly and quarterly reports on status of the project; monitor budgets and ensure efficiency in allocation of funds as per the defined budget lines and milestones.
Prepare funds accountability statements as reporting deadlines fall due and as per donor agreements.
Prepare financial donor reports, analyze and interpret the reports for the Chief of Party.
Support the Finance Officers from implementing Partners under this grant.
Review existing accounting procedures and recommend amendments and updates based on this project.

 Minimum Requirements: 

A graduate degree or higher in the field of commerce and financial management, accounting, or a related technical field from a reputable university.
At least 7 years’ experience in financial management and grant administration of donor programs.
Specialized Training/professional Qualifications: professional accounting qualifications such as CPA (K) or its equivalent.
Other Competencies/Abilities/Skills required.
Strong management and leadership skills.
Good interpersonal skills
Experience in computerized accounting system.
Must be flexible and versatile.


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About National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK)

The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) is a family of Christian communions and organisations in fellowship and witness. It was established in June 1913 during the United Missionary Conference held at Thogoto, near Nairobi. The delegates in the conference, representing the missionary institutions working in the country at the time, affirmed their wish to work towards a united church that would impact the lives of the people. This dream remains true and is reflected in the Vision and Mission statements of the Council, which read: VISION: One Church; United in Faith and Mission Witnessing to Jesus Christ and Transforming Lives MISSION: To transform lives through ecumenism, capacity building, advocacy and service delivery CORE VALUES In all its work, the NCCK is informed by its core values, which are: Integrity, through accountability and transparency Stewardship, through sound resource management Professionalism, through competence and efficiency Partnership, by collaborating with others, and Servanthood, through fair and humble service OBJECTIVES The objectives of the Council are: i) To promote and facilitate fellowship, partnership and unity within the membership ii) To promote consultations and joint action by the membership in all matters that bear upon our faith and witness, whether doctrinal, liturgical or missiological iii) To build the capacities of the membership to enable them undertake their mission iv) To facilitate the membership so that they can give expression to the Lordship of Christ over all aspects of human life and together with their communities identify needs, acquire necessary resources and promote services that is holistic, relevant and self sustaining v) To promote the Council’s corporate health, identity and growth for faithful and effective stewardship of the corporate vision, mission, heritage and sustainability