Assistant Registrar
Job TypeFull Time
Experience3 years
Job FieldAdministration / Secretarial
Key responsibilities also include

Prepare and regularly update the schedule of certificate, diploma, degree and postgraduate harmonized units that are to be maintained in the College of Health Sciences Hub.
Prepare and regularly update the certificate, diploma, degree and postgraduate practical schedules of units that are to be housed in the College of Health Sciences Hub
Periodically review and develop cost analysis and sustainability plans for all programs in the College of Health Sciences
Assist departments in developing curriculums for new programs that can exploit the College of Health Sciences Hub Units.
Assist departments in reviewing their curriculums to ensure all College of Health Sciences curriculums are based on the Hub Model
Implement the Hub model in dealing with scheduling of harmonized units and practical schedules to all campuses where the College of Health Sciences has programs.
Conduct staffing needs assessments and advise on adequate staffing levels for units that are housed in the CHS Hub.
Serve a liaison role between the servicing departments and the departments being serviced in all matters related to the CHS Hub especially in workload development
Maintain accurate students’ database, records and documentation of student admission, registration, credit transfers, deferment and resumption of studies for College of Health Sciences
Prepare details of applicants to the College of Health Sciences for admission for consideration by the Admission Committee.
Regularly update student nominal roll for students in the College of Health Sciences
Prepare student enrolment list every semester/trimester for submission to Deans Committee.
Advise the marketing department on programs in the College of Health Sciences to be advertised for every intake.
Actively participate in the planning of oathing ceremonies for students in the College of Health Sciences and organization of the convocation ceremonies.
In liaison with Finance office, periodically review and update the fees structure and ensure compliance with policy guidelines on fee payments and class size for programs in the College of Health Sciences
Any other duties that may be assigned by the immediate supervisor.


Must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field such as business studies, social sciences or education administration.
Must have at least three (3) years’ experience in Grade 9 or at a comparable position.
Must be Computer Literate and proficient in excel, SPSS and other computer statistical analysis software.
Must have good analytical, report writing and report presentation skills with adequate proficiency in data visualization techniques.
Should possess adequate project management and evaluation skills.


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