Student Support Associate Moringa School


Student psycho-social support and training

Conduct check-in meetings with students to give and receive feedback on student progress and experience
Coordinate monthly/quarterly community events to build a sense of belonging
Hold office hours for students needing one-on-one guidance
Collaborate with relevant internal teams to design and implement supplementary workshops/programs designed to improve Access students’ outcomes within the program and in the job market.
Student tracking and monitoring

Track students’ academic progress and psycho-socio development throughout the program
Provide a frontline support service, in identifying and resolving student issues, and where specialist service interventions have been identified to ensure that the necessary referrals are made efficiently and professionally to the Access Counselor.
Create and implement an escalation protocol for red flags in students’ academic and psycho-social progress.
Create and monitor support plans for struggling students.


Manage student support budget
Ensure students have the necessary resources to support academic and psychosocial success
Your key deliverable/KPI will be 80-85% retention of students from the start of the program to graduation.


3 years work experience with direct student support in a school setting. For instance Tutoring students
3 years experience of leading an extracurricular, educational or social activity/project/program with a group of young people
Experience in working with low income populations

Skills and Knowledge

Ability to interact with a range of people, particularly young people
Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing
Strong project management and problem solving skills
Intermediate data analysis skills
Ability to learn quickly
Ability to liaise with others, attend meetings and report on student progress
Good organizational and time management skills
To be prepared to undertake training requirements of the position (when need arises).

Key Competencies

Project management
Problem solving
Program/Process design (with an emphasis on UX/UI)
Student/Youth Support
Data Analysis
Analytical Skills
Team Spirit
Risk Assessment


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