Junior Curriculum Engineer – DevOps/Cloud

What you will do – Responsibilities

The Curriculum Developer reports to the Senior Curriculum Designer and curriculum designer.

Work with the Senior Curriculum Developer, students, and Classroom teams to prepare reports and proposals on the status, operation, testing and maintenance of a minimum of two courses.
Work with subject matter experts to identify the target audience’s training needs for both product and B2B.
Conduct interviews and focus groups with target audiences in order to create empathy maps, learner personas and learning journey maps for their relevant courses.
Create fun and exciting learning experiences to match the design thinking for learners’ approach in learning solutions design.
Decide and document the criteria used to track learners’ performance and develop assessment instruments.
Excellent knowledge of learning theories and instructional design models. Lesson and curriculum planning skills.
Planning, preparing, organizing, and executing subject-specific training activities, technical reviews/benches and other support events that contribute to holistic curriculum outcomes.
Assist in the collection and documentation of students’ requirements, development of user stories, learner profiles, content development and TMs retraining.
Work alongside the Senior Curriculum Developer and SMEs/consultants to package and support the development and running of iterative experiments in preparation of new product releases (TMing new course experiments and M&E support).
Occasionally first-level IT support (tier 1) to other departments like Tech. This includes but is not limited to analyzing and resolving or advising on learning tools problems (canvas) and third-party learning support tools/platforms (Hackerrank, Zendesk).
Work with Senior CE in employing design thinking concepts while designing new courses. Identify learning gaps in employee skills and knowledge
Determine topics, objectives, and hours required for relevant programs
Proactively review and give feedback on other team member’s work, and be receptive to iteration in order to produce high-quality courses
Ultimately, curriculum designers ensure that our TMs/Instructors have the content and tools they need to succeed in their classroom roles.

What You Have

1+ year working experience in the ICT sector in technical software development roles
1+ year of experience and proficiency with Blackboard, Canvas, Camtasia, Captivate, Moodle or proprietary LMS.
Lead development of enterprise products in use in the market.
Demonstrated experience with Java, Python (Flask & Django), DevOps
Nice to have experience in Data Science, Cloud, UX/UI.
A degree or diploma in Computer Science/Software or any other relevant degree and Diploma.


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