Chassis & Powertrain Systems Engineer
Job TypeFull Time
Job FieldEngineering / Technical
Overview: Designed, engineered, and built in Kenya, Mobius Motors sells highly durable, highly affordable vehicles for Africa’s mass market. Versatile, rugged, and durable, it is designed for African cities whilst still being extremely capable off-road.

We are seeking to hire a Chassis & Powertrain Systems Engineer interested in a truly unique entrepreneurial opportunity to create impact on a global scale as part of our Technical Team.


The Technical team ensures that Mobius Motors has selected and developed the optimum technological solution to maximise the value and benefit of our product offering to our customers.

This encompasses the following areas:

  • Innovation: Strategic selection and application of existing and new technology in a new manner to address challenging product development needs
  • Design & Development: Utilisation of lean and agile design & development best practices to efficiently introduce new products & solutions quickly and robustly
  • Capability: Development of the right technological knowhow both internally & externally (through partners) to allow pushing the boundary of capable product development goals
  • Every member of the Technical team takes responsibility for supporting the business needs above, which may require expanding responsibilities as needed, additional learning, and tackling new
    professional challenges beyond what is reflected in this Job Description.

Functional Areas and Responsibilities

Design & Development

  • Requirements Development: Upfront, ensure clear definition of design requirements, acceptance criteria including applicable Voice of Customer (VOC), Voice of Business (VOB), Voice of Regulation (VOR).
  • Design Development: Design select Chassis and Powertrain components and assemblies to meet vehicle functional and performance targets.
  • CAD Model & Drawing Design: Produce accurate and timely 3D and 2D designs. Identify and resolve packaging problems. Organise and lead design reviews with peers.
  • Design for Assembly and Manufacture: Implement design for assembly and manufacture and Mobius design principles.
  • FMEA: Carry out applicable design FMEA on system and components to identify risks and mitigation activities.
    Project Management
  • Timelines: Plan project work to meet project timelines. Produce project plans that are accurate and adhered to.
  • Project Management: Proactively manage system project risk:
  • Assess risks
  • Plan for risks
  • Implement and measure risk actions
  • Maintain up to date plans and communicate with team on changes.
  • Analysis
  • Virtual Product Development (VPD) Analysis: Perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and hand calculations to assess and improve designs.
    Supply Chain Support
  • Supplier Engagement & Co-development: Engage with suppliers and supply chain team to find technical solutions.
  • Supplier Visits and Development: Support supply chain where possible with technical advice and requirements documents including trips to suppliers and where applicable overseas visits to suppliers.
    Prototype Builds
  • Build Support: Assist timely completion of prototype builds where possible. Provide and explain work instructions.
  • Build Issues Management: Record and solve build and design issues in a timely manner.
    Verification, Validation and Testing
  • System Testing Support: Support or lead system testing as necessary:
  • Writing and reviewing test procedures
  • Preparing for tests
  • Record and solve testing issues in a timely manner
  • System & Component Signoff: Ensure correct fitment of parts on vehicle and prepare fitment reports for all applicable parts.
    Production Troubleshooting
  • Production Issues support: Support planning of system production and assembly. Solve production ramp up issues.
  • Issue Resolution: Generate and implement ideas to improve manufacturability.
  • Workflow Management: Maintain up to date system information (drawings, supplier details, etc) in appropriate systems:
  • BOM
  • PLM
  • Store analysis, supplier information etc along with company policy.
    Continuous Improvement & Learning
  • Learning Engagement: Proactively and intentionally improve engineering and team skills through books, training courses and other means.
  • Continuous Improvement: Support continuous improvement at work in proactively looking for improvements to workflow, processes, products. Lead and deliver to completion where applicable these ideas.
  • Qualifications – Knowledge, skills and any other information required to be successful in this role.

Academic & Professional


  • Bachelor’s degree (minimum) in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Systems Engineering or similar
    Functional Knowledge & Skills
  • Proficiency in SolidWorks, CATIA or AutoCAD
  • Strong system knowledge both theoretical and practical
  • Passion for prototype development and a pragmatic attitude
  • Ability to adapt to a dynamic working environment and work within a diverse team
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to work effectively with others
  • High level of analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to self-manage; taking ownership of projects: budgeting, work planning, resource management and reporting
  • A start-up personality: entrepreneurial, ambitious, independent, systematic attention to detail, structured thinker,
  • goal-oriented, flexible, and able to deal well with setback
  • Reliable, diligent, and hard-working team player


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Deadline is 31st October 2020

About Mobius Motors

Mobius Motors is an automaker that started in Mombasa, Kenya, but is now based in Nairobi, Kenya, that builds inexpensive vehicles "by integrating off-the-shelf parts within a durable and safe tubular steel frame"