Mobile Support Technician Energy, HVAC & PV Installations

In collaboration with the Logistics Coordinator and the corresponding MSTs, under the supervision of the HQ technical advisor or referent, the MST Energy, HVAC & PV Installations works with mission staff to promote relevant technical awareness and to improve technical delivery in the electricity, energy generating and HVAC area, providing support and advice in accordance with Terms of Reference agreed with the mission, normally comprising the following responsibilities:


As the PV Installations focal person:

Establishing the necessary procedures to carry out the implementation of PV installations according MSF OCBA technical standards and requirements.
Ensuring procurement requirements according MSF OCBA Supply guidelines.
Providing all technical necessary information to the mission procurement team.
Planning each implementation process according mission context, characteristics and constrains in order to ensure all actors collaboration and acceptance.
Defining the installations final design together with the technical referent, the contractor and the mission.
Ensuring the quality of the materials provided by the contractor according MSF OCBA standards and conduct assessments to validate alternative materials if needed.
Requesting all necessary means and resources to the mission’s Logistics to ensure the smooth progress of the works.
Ensuring proper communication with and among all relevant actors involved in the PV installations design and implementation.
Providing up to date information regularly to all parties related to the project.
Supporting HHRR in the recruitment of Energy Managers in charge of the installations on site.
Providing continuous technical support to the Energy Managers in charge of the installations on site.
Monitoring the installation’s operation and propose/carry out the necessary adjustments together with the contractor when needed.
Establishing a maintenance plan in order to define a service contract with the contractor.
Developing a dossier for each installation with all relevant documentation and guidelines.

As the Energy & HVAC focal person:

Carrying out a functional evaluation of the electricity, energy generating and HVAC set-up, assessing the applicable technical installations, systems, structures, equipment and HR set-up, the compliance with procedures, policies and guidelines, within the framework of MSF standards in order to identify the main areas for improvement.
Revising the mission electricity, energy generating and HVAC strategies according the current and future operations and provide advice when pertinent.
Assessing and validating local suppliers and local (sub-) contractors for quality of materials, systems, installations, parts, etc. to ensure compliance with MSF quality standards.
Developing and initiating the implementation of the improvement plan based on the recommendations arising from the functional evaluation.
Assisting the logistics team with the design and installation of new (complex) systems and/or with the implementation of (new) protocols, tools etc.
Monitoring and supervising established and on-going work, on energy generating systems, electrical installations and HVAC and provide technical advice and solutions when necessary.
Remote following up and support of technical projects and improvement plans implementation.
Assisting the logistics team in their HR tasks such as recruitment & selection of technical staff, briefing and debriefing of focal persons and logisticians.
Identifying training needs and contributing to the definition of training content for the area electricity, energy and HVAC. Facilitating team training and provide on-the-job training on technical basics related to area of specialisation according to MSF standards to enable effective implementation of relevant methodologies, systems and tools and ensure best practice is delivered.
Upon request of the hierarchical manager and in coordination with the relevant technical referents in HQ, develop new policies, tools, protocols and SOPs related to electricity, energy and HVAC (with a local, regional or even global approach).

Contributing to the continuous learning and development of the department by:

Drafting reports and action plans following field visits to capture experiences and lessons learnt”.
Contributing to the research and development of field tools, practices, guidelines and policies based on insights gained in the job.
Proposing innovative solutions to overcome recurrent problems and technical challenges.
Developing and maintaining knowledge of practices and approaches within the area of electricity, energy and HVAC, and to share this knowledge with others to enhance operational effectiveness.

Providing direct field intervention:

Upon request, participate in emergency operations.


Relevant technical degree or diploma.
2 years’ experience in relevant field or HQ positions in MSF or in other international organization in a low resource setting.
Experience providing training to adult learners.
Experience in designing and implementing electrical installations and PV Installations.
Experience on sizing and installing generators.
Fluent written and spoken English and French. Spanish is an asset.
General technical knowledge on electricity.
IT proficient at user level and specifically electricity drawings design software.
Closing date: January 29th, 2023,


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