Mobile Support Technician Career Management Referent For Local Staff

The MST Career Management is part of the HRM Unit and will work close to the HR Advisors (HQ) and the Human Resources Coordinators (HRCo) and Personnel Development Managers in the field and with a functional relation with the Recruitment and Pool Management Team. During the different field assignments, the person in this position will work together with the HRCo and under the hierarchy of the Head of Mission.

The person holding this position will have the Functional support of a dedicated member of the Recruitment and Pool Management Unit. In OCBA the Pool Managers combine this role with the one of Career Manager for the members of their pool. The plan is that, at the end of 12 months since this position is in place, it might be absorbed by that Unit.



Design with the support of the Human Resources Management (HRM) and Recruitment & Pool Management (R&PM) units, the strategy to support the Career Management of key local staff to critical positions for OCBA.
Define roles and responsibilities of the different actors involved in career management.
Create the capacity to work in career management for all OCBA missions.
Be the referent in charge of supporting all missions in the definition and implementation of specific plans.
Prepare the transfer of knowledge acquired in the Career Management of Local Staff to the Rec & PM teams currently managing the career of the international staff with the intention of having a unique area of functional expertise on the global career management of OCBA staff.
Be the link between HRM and PM/CM in the career of candidates ready and available to cover positions out of the mission where they have been recruited.


Acts as referent on Career Management for local staff and support the missions in the elaboration and follow-up of their plans.
Design together with the HRM, R&PM and Learning Units, what Career Management for local staff is in OCBA.
Elaborate a policy on career management for local staff in coherence with the global OCBA objectives
Define the role of managers on staff development and career management.
As referent person in the topic, trains, and guides HRCo, Development Managers and Coordinators on the implementation of specific mission plans.
Elaborates narrative documents with agreed definitions about concepts like staff development, career management, succession planning, critical needs, key staff and seeks for the common alignment of the different actors on these definitions.
Analyze, gathers, and integrates existing tools and defines the key tools to be offered to all the missions: (e.g.: staff mapping, detachment lists, individual career plan among others).
Works with all actors with roles related to career management for local staff (HR capacity Coordinator in Sahel Regional Learning referents in LatAm and East Africa) finding synergies and optimizing actions to better support the field teams.
Defines a plan to expand the knowledge about Career Management for local staff to all the missions including key actors such as managers, coordinators and with specific focus on Development Managers and HRCo.
Supports the field teams in the implementation of these plans, visiting the missions and supporting HRCo, Development Managers and rest of the field teams. The visit plan will be done following the field request and after deciding the priorities in the HRM team.
Together with HRM and Rec&PM units, designs a detachment policy that contributes to the staff development, the career plans, and ultimately to contribute to the global OCBA HR capacity.
Together with HRM and Rec &PM units, contributes to plan the integration of this position in the Rec&PM team after 12 months (or once the field teams have integrated their responsibilities and knowledge on the local staff career management).
With the PM focal point do the revision and give the feedback to the candidates interested to transfer his/her career manager to the PM.
To participate in RPM planning discussions to be aware about the global needs of the movement in terms of HR.


University Degree preferably related to HR Management/Staff Development.
Desirable relevant experience (3 years) working in the humanitarian sector in tasks related to career management, talent management, succession plan, change management…
Proven experience in Career Management (more than 2 years).
Languages: Fluent in French, English and desirable knowledge of Spanish.
Closing date: February 1st, 2023


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