SNE Assessor

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

Run daily EARC services I.e. conduct assessment (screening and identification, eligibility and diagnosis, IEP development and school placement)
Strengthen working relationships between the EARC team and that in MoE Turkana West (CSO-SNE) & teachers to champion the agenda of inclusion in education
In a multi-disciplinary team oversee instructional planning, evaluation of EARC activities, keeping updated data bases while ensuring data protection and documenting of best practices and lessons learned
Possess guidance and counselling skills to support parents/ caregivers during and after assessment of learners
Conduct in service training to EARC incentive staff and community mobilizers on UNICEF WG-CFM to ensure sustainability
Foresee the production of local adaptive and accessible materials that support inclusion in collaboration with teachers, caregivers, OPDs etc in line with CBC
Provide support services to schools after assessments and for EARC outreach activities so that children with disabilities receiving school placement have sufficient resources to participate in learning
Together with the support of the IE lead team, address the need for policy guidelines on the development and implementation of IEPs for learners with disability in support of inclusive education
Support teachers to develop IEP guidelines for various disabilities to support inclusion in all learning institutions

Supervisory Responsibilities:

Advise community mobilizers and CSOs on how to offer psycho-social support for parents/ caregivers of children with disabilities.
Pass knowledge to both community mobilizers and parents/ care givers on evidence-based intervention strategies
Devise strategies for monitoring by community mobilizers to account for all children with disabilities screened and assessed through the EARC and consequently ensure their enrolment into regular schools
Organize for EARC community outreach activities with the IE and EARC team in the schools
Develop EARC capacity building courses to enable teachers, IE team and parent embrace inclusion

Education/Professional Designations/Experience:

Must possess a Degree in Bachelor of Education (Special Needs Education)
Certified in Functional Assessment Skills
Possess knowledge in Inclusive education

Other Specific Skill Requirements:

Experience with using Excel and/or SPSS
Report writing skills
Excellent communication and networking skills


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