• Officer, Quality Assurance

    Grade KS 8

  • Corporation/Organization Kenya Bureau Of Standards
  • Directorate Quality Assurance And Inspection
  • Department Quality Assurance
  • Division Quality Assurance
    Section / Unit
  • Civil and Electrical
  • Mechanical and Textile
  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Agriculture and Beverage
  • Location / Work Station KEBS Head Office, Popo Road, Off Mombasa Road
  • Reporting Relationships
  • Reports to Senior Quality Assurance Officer
  • Direct Reports N/A
  • Indirect Reports N/A

Job Purpose

Implements conformity assessment systems based on approved specifications in inspection and certification of locally manufactured and imported products in specific sectors within the section including but not limited to: Mechanical, Civil, Building & Construction, Textile & Leather, Electrotechnical engineering; chemical, petrochemical, food and agriculture.
This is to facilitate local, regional and international trade and ease of doing business while safeguarding consumer health and safety, protection of environment in line with Articles 42, 43(a, b, c & d), 46 (a, b & c) of the Constitution of Kenya and the Standards Act (Cap 496 Laws of Kenya); and entrenchment of a culture of quality for the realization of Kenya’s vision 2030, African Union Agenda 2063 and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Key Responsibilities/ Duties / Tasks

  • Managerial / Supervisory ResponsibilitiesN/A
  • Operational Responsibilities / Tasks:Implements conformity assessment systems based on Kenya Standard or approved specifications for the purpose of realization of sustainable development goals, Kenya vision 2030 and
  • African Union Agenda 2063 and promote market access of Kenyan products;
  • Develops over 2,000 products in Kenya through implementation of standards within specific sectors in the section which are key to the achievement of the Agenda 2063, Kenya Vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Monitors the conformity assessment systems and legal requirements to safeguard health and safety of consumers and protection of environment;
  • Prepares reports on compliance of locally manufactured products with regulatory and statutory requirements within specific sectors in the section;
  • Implements the resource mobilization strategies to increase revenue base and ensure financial sustainability within specific sectors in the section;
  • Develops and monitors individual performance targets in line with strategic plan to ensure realization of organizational objectives within the section;
  • Executes contractual services requested by industry to ensure compliance of products to relevant standards within the section;
  • Implements, maintains, monitors & evaluates and improves Management systems adopted by KEBS for the purpose of ensuring efficiency and sustained customer satisfaction within the section;
  • Implements workplans, medium term expenditure framework, and procurement plans within the section;
  • Implements product certification schemes of supervision and control in the section in order to facilitate manufacturing,
  • trade, protect environment and health and safety of the consumers;
  • Inspects and assesses factories for product compliance and gives feedback to the manufacturers and guides in implementation of corrective actions by manufacturers whose products fail to comply with the requirements of relevant standards within the section;
  • Prepares factory inspection reports for consideration by Assistant Manager, Quality Assurance;
  • Provides sector specific data for use in the review of Standards in the National and Regional standard development process in order to address emerging issues;
  • Prepares justifications for firms seeking certification to Diamond Mark and submits to the Assistant Manager, Quality Assurance for consideration;
  • Conducts risk profiling and analysis of locally manufactured products within specific sectors in the section and implements strategies for the safeguarding of the health and safety of consumers;
  • Tracks payments of Product Certification and Testing fees to ensure all payments due to KEBS are collected;
  • Implements of business continuity strategies to ensure resilience and sustainability of processes, products and services; and
  • Implements sectional strategies, and product certification procedures for locally manufactured products to ensure health and safety of consumers; and protection of the environment.
    Job Dimensions:
  • Financial ResponsibilityResponsible for revenue generation
  • Responsibility for Physical Assets
  • Responsible for physical assets in the section; including but not limited to the field test Equipment, ICT
  • Equipment, Office Furniture and equipment.
    Decision Making / Job Influence
  • Makes operational decisions within the section
    Working Conditions

The job is predominantly field/factory based and involves travelling within country for industry engagements forums and meetings, and occasional travels outside the country for Product Certification functions.
Exposure to hazardous chemicals and materials, and hostile working environment in the field and factory.
Job Competencies (Knowledge, Experience and Attributes / Skills).

Academic qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
    Professional Qualifications / Membership to professional bodies

Registration with relevant professional bodies, e.g.:

  • Chemistry society of Kenya;
  • Physics society of Kenya;
  • Engineers Board of Kenya;
  • Food Nutrition and Dietetics Board;
  • Kenya Institute of Food Science and Technology;
  • Computer Society of Kenya;
  • National Quality Institute or any other relevant body;
  • Any other relevant professional body;
    Gazetted Inspector
  • Previous relevant work experience required.
    Functional Skills, Behavioral Competencies/Attributes:

Functional Skills and competence

  • Quality Inspection and Systems auditing Skills;
  • Skills to apply Statistical quality control tools
  • Negotiation skills;
  • Prosecution skills;
  • Project Management;
  • Financial Management;
  • Information, communication, and technology skills;
  • Presentation skills;
  • Report writing;
  • Analytical skills; and
  • Problem solving skills;
  • Time management skills;
  • Communication skills; and
  • Interpersonal skills.


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About Kenya Bureau of Standards

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has remained the premier government agency for the provision of Standards, Metrology and Conformity Assessment (SMCA) services since its inception in 1974. Over that period its main activities have grown from the development of standards and quality control for a limited number of locally made products in the 1970s to the provision of more comprehensive Standards development, Metrology, Conformity Assessment, Training and Certification services. With the re-establishment of the East African Community (EAC) and Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), KEBS activities now include participation in the development and implementation of SMCA activities at the regional level where it participates in the harmonization of standards, measurements and conformity assessment regimes for regional integration. KEBS operates the National Enquiry Point in support of the WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT).