Supplies Officer – Warehouse
Job TypeFull Time
Job FieldProcurement / Store-keeping / Supply Chain
Job Purpose:

Reporting to the Supervisor – Warehouse, the ideal candidate will be required to provide warehouse management support to help the business drive optimal distribution across the network for all Warehoused Material and manage issues and proactively provide reports to ensure no nil stocks across the network.

Key Accountabilities/ Responsibilities

a) Stock Control & Accountability

  • Analyze the demand for supplies and forecast future needs.
  • Reduce costs and allow all parties in supply chain to better manage current resources and plan for future needs.
  • Consistently manage and review stock movements and documentation to ensure accuracy for the benefit of the entire business operations.
  • Analyze all in-flight consumable ensuring that it is within the required levels and standards.
  • Co-ordinate schedule and periodic stock counts for all inventories to ensure 100% stock balances accuracy. This guarantees accurate/ fair valuation of company inventories/ assets in the GL.
  • Ensure materials are properly binned in their respective bin locations for easy retrieval on request to save time.
  • Manage and monitor an effective inventory control system that always ensures accuracy and reliability of the stocks database.
  • Maintain stock levels from the suppliers as per the demand.
  • Ensure all buildings and equipment maintained or repaired are correctly posted to their asset tag. Manage overstock and redundancy of stock.
  • Material documentation and quality controlGive input on formulation and implementation of warehousing policies / practices and keep all records.
  • Ensures all materials correctly relate to authenticated attached documents before warehousing, issuing and transferring, and performs materials quality control checks making sure that the data is correctly recorded in ERP system so as to ensure conformity to KQ quality and Port Health standards, inventory visibility and security. It also helps planning to replenish stock.
  • Good Inwards Area.Ensure all goods received are of good quality and quantity with no defects at all. No breakages or shortages.
  • Inspect and quality check all goods that are from the supplier and give advice from the user ensuring that they will be used before expiry date.
  • Ensure that all receipts are accounted for at all times and receipted in the system immediately within 24hours.
  • Ensure efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of all materials within the KQ network and ensure timely availability/ delivery of materials on demand to all customers.
  • Ensure invoices for all goods received are speedily passed over to Expenditure team for faster payment process on all goods received.
  • Ensure all assets for the company are inspected and received in the system as per user requirement.
  • Coordination, Storage and Procurement.Coordinate transport and delivery of in-flight materials with appointed drivers.
  • Coordinate with the suppliers on all items that are on request and are urgently needed for flight operations.
  • Ensure the correct storage, rotation of stock and proper structural maintenance of warehouse to keep all stocks in good condition and under recommended security.
  • Study ways to use space and distribute supplies efficiently.
  • Participate in the procurement of good and services and render such advice as may be necessary for the proper provision of logistics support.
  • Take part in supplier appraisal by giving reports on product quality.
  • CommunicationMake independent decisions on key matters of the business.
  • Liaison and guide various internal customers to facilitate correct identification and documentation in ERP for their various materials needs from the warehouses.
  • Advise Expenditure on matched LPOS and Deliveries to ensure prompt and accurate payments to eligible supplies.
  •  Liaison inventory and consumption planners on materials requirements based on picking trends, stock availability and shelf life to ensure proper planning parameter are set in place to sustain stable inventories.
  • Engage buyers to expedite unfulfilled order commitments, correct LPO details e.g. currencies, rescheduling of order deliveries and processing of rejected items.
  • Liaison with KRA-Customs department to facilitate duty free stock movements by giving proper approvals for bonds transfer, export, bonds cancellation, warehousing and presentation of annual bonded warehouse stock returns.
  • Communication to suppliers of rejected/ inferior quality items for replacements while guiding them on the right specifications as per KQ standards.
  • Management of Bonded WarehouseEnsure no penalties are charged due to non-compliance with customs Act cap 472 of EACCF  (East African Custom Community Federation).
  • Ensure that consignments do not overstay in the Bond. Life span of consignments in bond is normally 3 months with an option of extension for a further 3 months, failure to consume within this period, then payment of taxes will apply / or goods to be surrendered to Government of Kenya.
  • Ensure Preparation, declaration and lodging of all bond to bond customs entries to meet government regulations.
  • Ensure Timely cancellation of Bond securities for all items delivered to NAS Bond as per Government regulations.
  • Monitor and ensure sufficient bond in force for smooth bond transactions. Ensure that all customs formalities are quickly undertaken / processed in order to maintain the import/export flow of bonded items.
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly (3 months) and ad-hoc warehousing reports. The job holder controls and monitors materials and equipment movement from stores, with special attention to life-limited materials expiry dates, to ensure visibility, traceability, accountability and also ensures timely disposal of Bonded Stores units to avoid tax penalties, contravention of float management and over-stocking.
  • Study consumption of items and give key reports on fast moving and slow-moving stock.
    Knowledge, Skills and Experience
  • Degree in Business or relevant field
  • Diploma in clearing and forwarding to manage Bonded Facilities
  • 5 Years minimum experience in Supply Chain Environment
  • Warehouse Management experience
  • Management of Customs Bonds
  • Computer Proficiency and System use.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Member of Supply Chain Body KIM, CIPS, KISM.

Desired Competencies

  • Business understanding.
  • Unquestionable integrity and ethics.
  • Proactive and results driven.
  • Planning and organizing.
  • Assertive and procedure compliant
  • Customer/Supplier focus.
  • Cost Conscious.
  • Creating and leading Teams.
  • Assertive.
  • Use digital reporting to identify gaps through data analytics


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