Data Protection Officer


The Regional Data Protection Lead’s key role is to ensure that the markets for which they are responsible understand and apply the Data Protection Framework to their work, as well as to identify and manage risk. They will therefore need to have a good understanding of the Framework and the work that the markets conduct. They should also have a good understanding of any local legislation impacting the research that we do including Data Protection laws, so that they can provide appropriate advice. They will have several Champions or Data Protection Leads within the countries of their market, who they will work closely with to successfully embed the Kantar Data Protection Framework into their organisation.


The Data Protection Lead will:

Be responsible for the successful rollout of and compliance with the Kantar Data Protection Framework across their markets, working closely with the Regional Data Protection Head / Accountability Lead / local leadership team.
Provide or arrange training, be it programme approved, additional training where gaps/needs are identified or training adapting to be specific to local practices/projects. Will keep records of training.
Support the business with process changes, where required.
Identify gaps in the implementation of and compliance with the Data Protection Framework and the supporting network within their markets and flags to the Regional Data Protection Head.
Monitor and identify any potential gaps, risks and threats in the Data Protection Framework that may impact the business.
Work with the local leadership team (CEO/Ops Director/Function lead) to complete the Data Protection Risk Metrics/Risk Report, Data Protection controls and take action to address-any resulting issues.
Be accountable for Cybersecurity compliance activities via engagement with local IT, for example Get Fit.
Support the local market with client information & contractual requests relating to data protection & IT/cybersecurity via local IT
Contribute to and support all Programme activities e.g., new processes, training, implementation requirements and completes any documentation as required e.g., DPIA, minimisation records, supplier due diligence assessments.
Be able to work across markets to share learning/problem solve and ensure that the data protection risks to which Kantar is exposed are minimised.


It is essential that the Data Protection Lead:

Has a minimum of 5 years’ overall experience in Data Protection, 3 of which should be in Compliance.
Understands the business processes and how the Data Protection framework relates to them in order to ensure they are appropriate/are updated as required.
Has a good understanding of Data Protection Framework and can apply it to their business, taking local requirements into account.
Has a good understanding of local legislation, including Data Protection, and applicable codes, e.g., Esomar, MRS.
Can translate the Data Protection Framework and any additional guidance into training/processes and make it relevant to their organisation.
Is able to work independently, taking responsibility for implementing new processes effectively and managing data protection compliance.
Has superior influencing skills and the ability to operate at a senior level and can manage multiple stakeholders with varying priorities in different markets.


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