Patient Care Assistant/ Nurse Aide

Reports to           NURSE IN CHARGE

Department         CLINICAL OPERATIONS

Business Purpose/Objective

This role is critical to Jacaranda’s goal of delivering quality customer service and maintaining superior patient satisfaction. The holder(s) of this position must be organized, flexible, personable, and have a strong commitment to providing friendly and respectful care to all women. Patient care assistants will have the opportunity to work with new technologies and quality improvement techniques, and interact with clinicians and advisors at the forefront of maternal health. It is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills, and to receive mentorship in a clinical setting.


  • Nurse Aide certificate from a recognized institution
  • At least 2-3 years of clinical experience, preferably working in a maternity ward with good experience in maternal health and a strong commitment to providing friendly and respectful care to all women and experience in working in a startup maternity facility
  • Any additional clinical training will be an added advantage
    Knowledge and Skills Requirements
  • Computer literacy, with proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills and empathy; equally comfortable providing one-on-one counseling and presenting birth-preparedness education to groups
  • Excellent analytical reasoning skills and meticulous attention to detail
    Key competencies
  • Commitment to providing high quality care and excellence.
  • Ability to work effectively with a team in a culturally diverse environment.
  • Ability to use initiative to solve problems is a key competence.Bottom of Form
    Duties and Responsibilities
  • Assist nurses to provide comprehensive care for all clients in the organization;
  • Maintain high standards of customer service in interaction and care delivery;
  • Provide health education to women awaiting appointments;
  • Observe patients, identify emergency signs, and perform delegated interventions or assist in referring cases;
  • Carry out technical clinical tasks and report findings to the nurse e.g. Blood Pressure etc;
  • Perform activities of daily living e.g. bathing, ambulating patients, assisting patients with meals, bed-making and maintenance of a clean patient environment etc;
  • Clean, sterilize and maintain surgical instruments;
  • Work closely with Jacaranda Outreach team to perform outreach and marketing activities;
  • Work closely with the Jacaranda Maternity team to identify and implement opportunities to improve clinical quality;
  • Any other duties as assigned.


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About Jacaranda Health

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