Consultancy For Workforce Assessment (Nairobi)

The IRC Kenya was registered in Kenya in 1992 and has been implementing refugee assistance projects in Kakuma and Hagadera refugee camps focusing on providing primary healthcare services, targeted nutritional services, quality reproductive health, and HIV related services, as well as the protection and empowerment of women and girls.

IRC Kenya works is situated in Nairobi (with sub offices in Pangani, Kawangware and Rongai), Kakuma refugee camp, Hagadera refugee camp and Lodwar. With a staffing base of 355 national staff and 1053 auxiliary staff.

For the last 5 years, the funding that the Country program has been receiving has reduced significantly, while the needs of our clients have increased, hence the country program has had to maintain quality service delivery with a minimal staffing base.  This has therefore necessitated the need to conduct a workforce/functional assessment in order to determine the staffing needs of the organization.


The purpose of the consultancy is to conduct a workforce assessment, and use the results of the assessment to provide strategies that can help the IRC close the gap between the current workforce and the workforce needed to support IRC’s mission and vision and to facilitate decision making of IRC Kenya senior management team in regards to the workforce gaps of the country program. The Consultant will be expected to complete a series of deliverables outlined in the Terms of Reference. This document defines the overall objective of the consultancy, the expected outcome and activities, timelines and reporting for the workforce assessment consultant.


Analyze the current workforce, business processes and forecast our present and future workforce needs based on the current client demands, recommend a fit for purpose and an optimal structure and ways of working/culture for IRC Kenya in alignment with IRC’s vision and within budget parameters.

Specific Objectives

a) Review expectations of IRC Kenya and make recommendations about priority functional focus.

b)Review all current roles and look at the optimum way these can be organized to be more effective and efficient.

c) Review Diversity in the Country office and across various departments

d) Recommend proposed new ways of working including essential behaviors and approaches, and communication mechanisms to support the structure.

e)Recommend structural options within clear budget parameters including reporting lines.

f) Review the current skill mix and staffing complement based on the perspective of the Roadmap/ Strategic Framework to determine if there are gaps between the required and available workforce.

g) Develop an implementation plan for the suggested changes.

4. Expected outputs

The consultant will be expected to deliver a concise and action-oriented report, detailing the findings and recommendations of this exercise, including:

The scope of the exercise and process followed (inc. criteria, methodology, information and data sources, supporting and reference documentation)
An overview of the existing organizational structure, its challenges and any proposed changes
An implementation plan for the proposed changes.
5. Activities

The consultant will conduct the review in coordination with IRC Kenya’s Senior Management Team and the Human Resources department. Activities will include but will not necessarily be limited to the following:

  • Review of IRC strategies at the global and Kenya levels
  • Discussions with the SMT to understand and decide on current strengths and weaknesses and  urgent areas for review
  • Prepare a work plan within two weeks of deployment
  • Review information on the existing structure and functions of each department
  • Interview current a sample of role holders, supervisors, managers to understand the practical application of the responsibilities
  • Analyze and evaluate the current roles and determine the need as regards to demand
    6. Location of the review

Nairobi with visits to the field offices in Lodwar, Kakuma and Dadaab where possible due to travel restrictions in the camps locations.

7. Timeline of the review

A reasonable review timeline will be agreed upon with the consultant, as per workplan that will be agreed upon.

8 Reporting

The consultant will produce and present to the Country Director and the HR Coordinator, a final report detailing the findings, recommendations and an implementation plan.


  • Masters/Degree in human resources, organization development, or similar from a recognized institution.
  • Evidenced experience in conducting a functional/organizational review and/or workforce assessments for a similar organization (Integrated programming with significant health interventions).
  • Ability to undertake activities in a participative and consultative manner, ensuring counterparts and stakeholders actively participate and develop understanding and ownership
  • Experience in, and knowledge of IRC programs would be an added advantage
  • Advanced certification in development of pay and benefits structures would be an added advantage


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