Operations Officer

Scope of Work

The Operations Officer (OO) will be dedicated to supporting specific projects and programmes, providing operational planning, logistics and administrative support to all aspects of the project cycle (identification, proposal development, teaming, implementation and close-down) including editing and drafting of deliverables. The OO will also contribute to internal business projects and activities within the Operations Team gaining experience across business functions. This role would particularly suit someone with an interest in Data Knowledge Management. The role will be managed by the Senior Manager, Operations based in the London office.

Terms of Reference

Project Delivery Support (80%)

The Operations Officer will work principally to ensure the smooth running of a range of Integrity’s projects, by providing support to all aspects of delivery. The number of projects being supported vary in number, size, technical focus, and geography. Tasks may include:

Project Management Support

Project Planning: Maintaining a detailed overview of all planned and live project work, timelines and milestones. Coordinate plans across large and decentralised teams.
Risk Management: Actively supporting risk management, including identification and logging of risks according to company standard operating procedures. Maintain a relevant contextual understanding of projects. Support Due Diligence and vetting procedures.
Financial Management: Support the financial administration of projects, including managing invoicing processes, expenses reconciliation and budget management and reporting.

Project Delivery

Written Deliverables: Contributing to report drafting, editing and formatting. Quality assurance of select written deliverables. Research support on specific projects.
Meetings and Events: Supporting scheduling and logistical arrangements for engagement and major events with project stakeholders, across the projects’ countries of operation.
Knowledge Management: Maintaining project-specific and company-focused digital knowledge management platforms (Podio). Maintaining streamlined and well-organised electronic project folders on SharePoint.

Team Delivery

Consultant Management: Manage consultant contracts, track delivery time and collate timesheets across projects. Liaise with consultants and clients to prepare and process timesheets and invoices.
Travel Support: Ensuring the smooth deployment of staff, consultants and resources through the procurement of flights, visas, letters of entry, consultant deployment checklists, and movement of funds.
Duty of Care: Provision of operational and duty of care support to deployed project teams, including deployment, check-ins, and recovery management.

Operational Support (20%)

Support the Operations team’s functions and activities, including Data & Knowledge Management, security and risk management, operational support and team support:
Supporting the design, testing and implementation of internal projects such as new systems, processes and tools.
Participate in the development and delivery of team and company strategy.
Provide duty coverage on the 24/7 Duty Phone rota list. Be on call to receive, answer and escalate emergency calls according to a duty phone protocol. Training will be provided.
Support infrastructure tasks such as office relocations and establishing new company offices where necessary.
Inputting on project proposals as required, including liaison with consortium partners, background research, proposal risk matrices, drafting and budget design.
Assisting the Business Development team with consultant selection, interviewing and relationship management.
5 working days dedicated to professional development activities (e.g., receiving and delivering training, attending relevant events, achieving relevant qualifications and certifications).
Your Experience and Expertise

The successful candidate will:

Have a relevant Bachelor’s degree.
Have 0-2 years’ professional experience with an international organisation.
Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Have a good working understanding Microsoft Office, with particular skills in Excel. Ability with PowerBi is desirable.
Understand research approaches and methodologies.
Take personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work and will achieve results with minimum supervision.
Demonstrate ability to build constructive working relationships characterised by a high level of acceptance, maturity, cooperation and mutual respect.
Be a strong team player with demonstrated ability to promote cooperation and commitment within a team to achieve goals and deliverables.
Demonstrate ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines.
Maintain professional accuracy with good attention to detail.
Adapt to changing business needs, conditions and work responsibilities.
Earn others’ trust and respect through honesty and professionalism.


Written and oral fluency in English, with the ability to write clear and compelling narrative.
Written and oral fluency in French or Arabic is desirable.

Core Competencies

You should also demonstrate the following core competencies:

Level 1: Team competencies

Planning and Organizing
Development and Continual Learning
Results Focus and Initiative
Customer Orientation
Managing Change


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About Integrity Action

Integrity Action is an organisation and an active network of committed NGOs, universities and policy makers, working closely with governments, media organisations, businesses and our peers to identify ways of making integrity work in some of the world’s challenging settings. We believe that integrity offers the single largest opportunity for the advancement of equitable and sustainable development worldwide. We view integrity as the set of characteristics that improves trustworthiness to stakeholders. Without integrity, measures to safeguard human rights, protect the environment, strengthen democracy, promote social equity and reduce poverty are compromised. In the absence of integrity the corrupt flourish. VISION Our vision is for a just and equitable world, where citizens are empowered and integrity is central to vibrant societies. MISSION Our mission is to empower citizens to act with and demand integrity, actively taking part in building institutions to promote a state that is open, accountable and responsive to their needs and expectations. In our approach, institutionalising integrity requires the alignment of four factors: Accountability: Enabling stakeholders to check that we do what we say we do Competence: Doing it well Core values: Doing it with honour Corruption control: Doing it without corruption OBJECTIVES Deliver high-impact, locally-driven, scalable responses to concrete integrity challenges through collaborative partnerships, local problem solving, capacity development and the mobilisation of a critical mass of integrity builders; Conduct action learning by gathering empirical evidence, supporting policy research, peer exchanges and independent evaluation, sharing tools and knowledge widely through networks of civil society organisations, universities, training institutions and media partners; Engage with policy makers, citizens and institutional leaders, accessing information and advocating for policies and practices, and setting new integrity standards, where needed; Strengthen our partners and Integrity Action as vibrant organisations that are fit for purpose and growth.