Product Manager

At ilara Health, we believe that growth is life and we equip each other to always spot useful opportunities for growth & to develop innovative ways to continuously improve. We explore our full potential daily and reinvent ourselves to be able to drive the desired growth for ourselves and our community. We challenge our ideas of what’s possible in order to better meet our goals. We invite different perspectives, consider all variables including the resources we have available to implement an idea and explore all avenues we can to make a positive change possible.



You’ll work with the head of product, engineering and design to implement Ilara’s product vision.
You’ll be joining an extremely fast-paced startup environment, work with a team of proven emerging market entrepreneurs, and build projects that have a real impact on health outcomes. We’re all super passionate about the work we do, and are looking for people with a drive to make real change in the world.
2+ years of product-related experience (product management, product-focused engineering, UI/UX design, etc)
Health-tech background is a bonus. Significant time commitment in Kenya (alongside temporary remote work) is required to be able to understand the particularities of our market and on the ground realities.
User-driven product development. Must be able to gather and synthesize user feedback from a wide range of users across our network to determine which features to build, how they work, and iterate on features/products with the help of the rest of the product and design team.
Experience working on or with agile development teams. Must be able to help manage sprints, define tasks and work with engineers to define clear paths to user story implementation.
Analytical, data-driven mindset and some experience with industry-standard analytics (Amplitude, Tableau, Google Data Studio, etc) tools.
Entrepreneurial drive, able to help develop a strong product vision, able to build new products and features to increase growth and improve customer experience.
Work with cross-functional teams both internally and externally to evaluate ways to increase growth rates.
Help build out a rapid experimentation framework that makes it cheap and easy to run experiments to enable data driven decisions.


At ilara Health, we are a diverse team of highly energized local and international individuals, committed to listening to the needs of our customers in peri-urban/rural primary healthcare facilities that do not have access to common diagnostic tests.
Every individual from our interns to the company founders contributes to the success of the company in different ways.
Every team member at ilara Health has the same drive and an excitement towards achieving the collective goals. Working hard and being creative are synonymous in our start-up ethos.
You will have the opportunity to directly/indirectly impact primary healthcare facilities/patients by dramatically improving the quality of healthcare for millions.


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About Ilara Health

Ilara Health brings accurate and affordable diagnostics to the 500 million people in Africa who today struggle to access a simple blood test. We distribute low-cost, AI-powered diagnostic devices directly to primary care doctors in peri-urban and rural clinics, where the availability of common diagnostics is very poor. Our proprietary software integrates all the devices that we distribute and enables the doctor to provide effective patient management. We use technology to bring light to a dark world of healthcare in a similar way technology has leapfrogged landlines, banking and electricity grids.