Front End Engineer

IDinsight is hiring a front end engineer to grow our software engineering capabilities. In this role the front end engineer will work closely with IDinsight’s Data on Demand team to develop our in-house software product aimed at improving management of our primary data collection activities across India. The front end engineer will work with a growing team of data engineers and data scientists to design and build out the front end web interfaces for the application using React.

About Data on Demand

Data on Demand (DoD) intends to amplify social sector impact worldwide by making accurate data on hard-to-reach, low-income populations an order of magnitude faster and cheaper. Our platform represents over 60 million people in India and we hope to expand our operations to more geographies.

Traditionally, high-quality data collection approaches are expensive and slow for policymakers and program implementers, while more immediate data sources like MIS data are often highly unreliable. Data on Demand combines rigorous academic methods, cutting edge technological innovations and strong field networks to revolutionize data collection.

The software that powers Data on Demand aims to advance DoD’s broader goals by enabling seamless and scalable management of our remote workforce of surveyors.

About the Role

We are seeking candidates with a strong background in HTML, CSS, JavaScript (React), and a passion for building solutions to difficult social problems. Most importantly, successful candidates should possess the ability to work independently to solve complex challenges, both human and technological.

As a front end engineer, the day-to-day work may include:

Working with DoD team members to understand their needs: understanding their current processes and pain points and identifying how these can be supported through user-friendly web interfaces.
Coordinating with back end data engineers on the design of API’s provided through the Flask back end of the application.
Building and maintaining the React application.
Working with other team members to test and deploy these solutions.

Career development

Professional development for our technical roles is essential for IDinsight’s long-term impact. With support from IDinsight leadership, the employee will maintain self-directed professional development plans and will be given “stretch” opportunities designed to strengthen their professional skills. Real-time feedback and structured reviews are regularly provided to maximize each data team member’s expertise. IDinsight’s entrepreneurial culture allows roles and career progression to be tailored to individual strengths, interests, and goals.  Employees have the opportunity to increase responsibilities, and high performers will have the opportunity to move up in the organization along technical, managerial, or client-facing paths.

Required Technical Qualifications

Front End Engineer:

Proficiency working in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Proficiency building data-intensive React applications in a production setting.
Proficiency integrating with internal API’s.
Understanding of security best practices in web application design.
Proficiency using git and GitHub for version control.
B.S./B.S.E. degree in Applied Math, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering or Similar Technical Field

Other required qualifications:

Minimum 3 years of relevant experience developing React applications.
Proven ability to work alone and with teams in a dynamic, multicultural environment.
Passion for improving lives through evidence-informed policy.
Strong oral and written communication skills in English. Fluency in languages spoken in countries where IDinsight works is a plus.
Strong values aligned with IDinsight’s stated values.
Ability and interest in sharing knowledge, mentoring others, presenting work and reviewing the work of others.
Deeply passionate about global development and improving lives in disadvantaged populations
Open-minded self-starter who will thrive while tackling new, unusual and unpredictable challenges

Preferred Qualifications

The most competitive applicants will also have experience in one or more of the following:

Experience working with Python and SQL.
Experience working with Flask.
Experience working with a cloud hosting platform, preferably AWS.
Experience working with Docker.
Experience working with R and R Shiny.

The position is located in New Delhi, India, with travel dependent on project needs.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are currently “working from home” globally. As such, successful candidates would be expected to work from home until it is possible to safely and responsibly work from an IDinsight office.


Compensation is commensurate with relevant experience and background, and competitive within the social sector. Please note, as a non-profit, we are unable to provide compensation similar to leading technology firms.

Start Dates

The start date of this position is flexible, although there is the potential to start almost immediately. We expect a minimum one-year commitment, with regular professional development conversations and potential for a long-term career at IDinsight.


Applications should include three references, including email, phone, and title. Briefly state in what capacity you worked with each reference.


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About IDinsight

IDinsight is an international development organization that helps policymakers and managers make socially impactful decisions using rigorous evidence. We carefully tailor a wide range of analytical and quantitative tools to enable our clients to design better policies, rigorously test those ideas, and take informed action at scale to improve lives. Our services include experimental evaluation methodologies - including, but not limited to, randomized controlled trials - tailored to the priorities of international development decision-makers; monitoring and performance management systems to facilitate continuous data-driven improvement; policy design consulting and scale-up support.