Strategic Information Director – HJFMRI

Job Description/Requirements

Supervisor: DoD PEPFAR HJFMRI Country Director

Job Summary: The incumbent works closely with DoD PEPFAR – MHRP/HJFMRI Country Director and the Public Health Specialist (M&E) to provide Strategic Information (SI) technical guidance, coordinating reporting, technological innovations within the three DoD PEPFAR – HJFMRI programs, inputs for Country Operational Plan (COP) development, and contributing to M&E taskers for the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) Kenya and for the Department of Defense program.

The incumbent is responsible for all SI elements under the three DoD PEPFAR sites including monitoring and evaluation (M&E), health information systems (HIS) and surveys and surveillance and other OGAC/PEPFAR and HQ requirements to include: PEPFAR Site Improvement through Monitoring System (SIMS), data entry, cleaning and reporting in Improving MHRP Performance Analytics Cohesion & Transparency (IMPACT) and Data for Accountability, Transparency, and Impact (DATIM), quarterly reporting, and annual development and implementation of program work plans.


Key Responsibilities

1. Responsible for coordinating HJFMRI DoD PEPFAR SI requirements for the three program sites – 80%

Assist in managing SIMS visits when required by the DoD Public Health Specialist (M&E) to ensure required, follow-up and remedial visits are conducted and liaise with HQ.
Offer mentorship to 3 different program M&E and programmatic staff in Kisumu West, the South Rift Valley, and with the KDF to undertake monthly reporting into MHRP IMPACT, analysis of outcomes, developing improvement plans, and tracking progress.
Be responsible for HJFMRI PEPFAR quarterly, semi-annual (SAPR) and annual progress reports (APR) reporting, and other ad hoc reports, required by OGAC and HQ. Ensure the IMPACT DATIM import process is successful during the reporting periods.
Oversee PEPFAR EMR and other digital innovations i.e. USHAURI, and mLab functionality and utilization by coordinating with M&E site managers.
Lead and coordinate data quality assessments (DQA) in all the three programs to improve data integrity and quality, support service quality assessments (SQA) and continued supportive supervision, providing feedback on data quality issues to all facilities and the program leadership.
Lead in all program level and HQ level data and technical review meetings, ensuring that all the required analysis are submitted in time and teams are fully prepared.
Capacity build program managers on IMPACT database use for reviewing results and performances of their programs domain areas.
Support and work closely with DoD PEPFAR sites and partners to navigate MHRP IMPACT and PEPFAR’s DATIM system and MER indicators particularly with finer age disaggregation.
Strengthen capacity of facility staff in data use for informed decision –making and program planning, through supportive supervision and mentoring on strategic guidance, standard operating procedures on data management and quality assurance measures.
Prepare templates, updates, special analysis and reports for HJFMRI and KDF management, as required.
Lead HJFMRI M&E and programmatic teams to analyze programmatic data of specific modalities to better tailor strategies and interventions to meet results and replicate innovative approaches. This includes identifying specific program assessments to better understand barriers and dynamics on the ground to improve program performance.
2. Assist to implement key PEPFAR DoD SI components as directed by the MHRP/HJFMRI Country Director – 15%

COP Development: Contribute to COP development process by supporting the DoD – Public Health Specialist (M&E) to complete country level and mil-mil data pack, coordinate target calculations and target entry in DATIM, calculate required SIMS visits for DoD, lead target data entry, etc.
PEPFAR reporting (annual progress report and quarterly reports): Assist DoD Public Health Specialist (M&E) in compiling DoD data for reporting requirements: quarterly reports and annual progress report.
Undertake other monitoring activities, as they arise.
3. Responsible for monitoring and evaluation of PEPFAR supported KDF program – 5%:

Work closely with KDF PEPFAR team and KDF staff to ensure SI aspects of the work plan are developed, implemented and targets are met.
Assist in the design, development and implementation of all digital solutions i.e. electronic medical record (EMR) systems, mobile applications within KDF facilities and in conjunction with M&E officers.
Ensure all the DHAPP reporting requirements are met
4. Manage and supervise the SI unit staff and provide technical oversight:

Oversee the quality and timely completion of data management assistants’ work such as data entry, DQA, SIMS, generation of reports, etc.
Provide mentorship, guidance, and supportive supervision of data management assistants.
Coordinate M&E activities within the MHRP HJFMRI SI unit.
Requirements: Skills and Competence

Master’s degree in Computer Science, Biostatistics, Health Informatics, Information Technology, Public health, Monitoring and evaluation or any other advanced degree relevant to the position
At least seven years of demonstrated experience in monitoring large development programs, particularly USG-funded, HIV and other health programs are a plus.
Demonstrated experience in PEPFAR monitoring and evaluation systems such as SIMS, DATIM, Panorama for POART reviews, including MER indicators,
Proficiency with computer applications including MS Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, and other applications.
Excellent skills in mentoring and coaching M&E personnel.
Demonstrated experience in data analysis and statistical packages such as SPSS, SAS, STATA, or epi-info.
Excellent organizational and coordination skills and ability to work in a diverse team as well as independently.
Experience in develop monitoring/management and evaluation plans with clear targets.
Ability to manage database systems.


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