Senior Software Engineer, Technical Infrastructure & Platform Services

What You’ll Do

Below are just some of the challenges and problems we are trying to solve here at Gro. If you can help us with one or more we would love to speak with you – particularly if you’re eager to see your work have a bigger impact on the world

Scale our data ingestion and indexing pipelines, to handle orders of magnitude more data (e.g. rasterized/pixel data vs region-encoded data)
Decompose serving monoliths into a microservices/service-oriented architecture
Obsess over query performance and data schemas to enable efficiency and speed at ever-growing scale
Rethink and revamp our CI/CD process to find the sweet spot between nimbleness and stability

Who You Are

Someone who is passionate about building, tuning, and scaling systems
Adept at, and motivated by, the concept of trying to automate yourself out of a job
A great team player; someone with a point of view who knows how to humbly express it
Open-minded about languages/tools/frameworks, and able to make good decisions about which to use (and when) to solve a particular problem


Deep understanding of computer engineering fundamentals (at least one of: kernels/operating systems, networking, distributed systems, structured storage systems, relational databases, cloud computing)
Experience with enterprise cloud infrastructure and services (we use AWS)
Proficient in Python, or a strong willingness to learn it and use it
Proficiency with a systems programming language (e.g. C/C++, Rust, Java, etc.)
BS in Computer Science, a related technical field, or equivalent practical experience
4+ years of relevant industry experience


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About Gro Intelligence

Gro Intelligence is changing the way the world understands agriculture. By structuring and interpreting the world’s agricultural data, we make complex analysis simple and accessible. Our cloud-based software, Gro, pulls every scattered bit of data related to food and agriculture and classifies it using a common language, transforming fragmented data into information. Its analytic capabilities and intuitive visualizations make it easy to discover, examine and understand relevant information. Previously teams of highly trained experts required weeks and specialized software to gather and comb through such data. Today, Gro makes this information searchable to anyone in minutes. Gro arms global policy makers, investors and corporates with the clarity and insight they need to make smarter decisions and uncover new opportunities. By making information easily accessible, Gro is transforming the way agricultural markets work. Gro Intelligence is headquartered in New York City and has offices in Nairobi, Kenya. Sara Menker serves as CEO.