Terms of Reference-UX Designer

What we are looking for:

We have recently researched the barriers to vaccine uptake across Tanzania and Ethiopia. Starting with Tanzania, we want to take these insights into a Design Sprint with the Girl Effect team and build potential concepts, solutions, or prototype ideas to address vaccine uptake barriers. We are looking for a consultant to kick off the process by leading the project team through a workshop, eventually leading to developing an efficient, effective, user-friendly prototype concept/ideas to fulfil the project objectives.

The UX designer would need to design and facilitate a design sprint workshop with the Girl Effect team in Tanzania. The 5-day design sprint workshop outcomes are:

A shared understanding of the user’s needs, challenges & motivations
A (clearer) mutual understanding of the problem at hand (evidenced by a succinct and clear focal problem statement for the project)
Solution ideas/concepts generated and analysed/prioritised according to a logical & relevant set of criteria
Prototype recommendations (including plans and/or considerations for testing) from prioritised ideas/concepts



Proposal of Design Sprint Approach (including the types of participants to be involved)
Working in collaboration with the Girl Effect Team, plan and facilitate a Design Sprint workshop spanning no longer than 5 days to present research findings, define the problem, brainstorm prototype concepts, prioritise ideas and approaches
Presentation of final workshop results and prototype recommendations
High-level implementation or testing plan for recommended or prioritised prototypes
Who You Are


Skills and expertise:

Must have excellent verbal and written skills in Kiswahili
At least 5 years of work experience executing and/or leading user experience deliverables (with a portfolio showing outputs, techniques, processes, tools and breadth of knowledge)
A Bachelors/Masters level degree in Design, Design Thinking, Human-Centred Design, Human-Computer Interaction or other relevant and equivalent qualification
Experience working with distributed teams (and technological tools that allow for such work)
Excellent facilitation, presentation, communication & interpersonal skills
Expertise in running workshops with participants who are in-person, remote or a mix of both (including the requisite facilitation techniques and tools)
A strong awareness of service, product & interaction design
Willingness to adapt, be flexible, and improvise as the situation requires it
Ability to keep the group’s energy levels high and their focus on the tasks at hand

Proposal Submission

Interested consultants are asked to submit the following to support their candidature (Max 5-10 pages):

Your understanding of the brief and why you feel you are well placed to advise us on thisShowcase any previous relevant work experience
Contact details of three referees that can attest to the scope and magnitude of similar assignments
CV with a cover letter
Proposed consultancy fees
Evaluation Criteria

The criteria against which proposals will be evaluated are listed below:

Technical Evaluation

Interpretation and understanding of this TOR-10%
Relevant experience as demonstrated by CV – 20%
Technical UX deliverable execution experience – 10%
Demonstrated technical knowledge in the field of Human-Centred Design and/or Design Thinking (including HCD tools & techniques)- 20%
Evidence of a minimum of three contactable references – 10%


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Please submit proposals, as described above, by 3rd October 2022, 5:00 pm EAT latest. Please clearly mark your email with the subject ‘UX Designer.’

About Girl Effect

Girl Effect is a non-profit working with girls to change their lives, empowering them to navigate the pivotal time of adolescence, so they are enabled to live a healthy life, participate in school, and prepare for their future financially. They inspire and equip girls with information and support, to help them see a different future for themselves, make impactful decisions in their lives, and drive greater demand for the opportunities and services available to them. Girl Effect works on the deep-seated psychological drivers that influence adolescent girls decision-making, building their intrinsic motivation to act, to achieve sustainable behaviour change. Girl Effect is able to reach millions of girls, in more than 50 countries, by delivering their work via the technology girls use everyday, including mobile phones, TV and radio as well as pioneering developments in artificial intelligence, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), chatbot and mobile technology to find innovative ways to reach and engage girls more personally, at scale, and cost effectively. Girl effect works across the world in places where girls are marginalised and vulnerable, including Malawi, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Nigeria, Indonesia, Tanzania and India.