ToR to Conduct Policy Mapping and Policy Analysis


The aim of this activity is to understand the nature and gaps in availability and implementation of legal frameworks and policies supporting child protection in the two Counties. Therefore, it will assess the strengths and gaps of the policies on child protection with recommendations made for development of policy briefs.

Scope & Targets

The Policy Mapping and Policy Analysis shall target Turkana and Kajiado Counties within the Ministries or Departments mandated with child protection such as Ministry of Education, Department of Children Services, Ministry of Social Services among other relevant bodies in each County.


Main Tasks

The goal of the consultancy is; Policy Mapping and Policy Analysis of key legal and policy frameworks in Turkana and Kajiado Counties that protect the rights of children and their welfare. The consultancy work will be guided by the above main objective to arrive at a conclusion and recommendation in his/her report on the kind of gaps and recommendations for the development of policy briefs.


Expected Deliverables

Develop and submit an Expression of Interest that clearly interprets these Terms of Reference
Develop Policy Mapping and Policy Analysis Tool to collect data in the target counties
Develop work plan and costed budget for successful execution of the work
Submit all required legal and registration documents
Undertake the assignment in compliant to provision of these TOR.
Compile a report that clearly identifies the policy strengths and gaps and make necessary recommendations as per the laid down objectives and specific objectives of this TOR (as shown above)
Submit 2 bound copies (hard and soft) of the report.


The desired methodology will include but not limited to; interviews with key informants, Focus Group Discussions, Direct Observation and finally review of primary and secondary data as provided by the government officials.

Suggested Plan of Work and Time Frame

The assignment is expected to take 17 working days as follows:



Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences (Humanities). Holders of Master’s Degree will be added advantage
Experience in similar or related needs assessment assignment. Those who have undertaken similar work with the organization will have an added advantage.
Exceptional experience in Monitoring and Evaluation in the Child Protection sub-sector especially in ASAL Counties.
Ability to carry out the assignment and deliver the final report within the stipulated period of time.

The selected consultant will work closely with the Deputy Director and the project team but on matters finance will report directly to the Executive Director.


All the logistic costs related to the assignment shall be met by the consultant.



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