Senior DevOps Engineer

About the job

The Senior DevOps Engineer performs application, infrastructure and network deployment and performance criteria and measurement methods. Prepares the analysis of the short- term or long-term capacity needs. Conducts architecture design, feasibility and cost studies. Develops alternative scenarios and changes in required sequence of activities. Conducts growth studies to determine impact on capacity and development plan projections. Makes decisions on moderately complex to more complex issues regarding technical approach for project components, and work is performed without direction. Exercises considerable latitude in determining objectives and approaches to assignments.

We are seeking a Senior NetDevOps Engineer who will deliver solutions for the future underlay fabric for the enterprise. This is an exciting opportunity for forward-looking technology leaders to make key contributions to the evolution and transformation of the company’s networks toward next-generation technologies. This is a critical role responsible for the engineering and design, planning, implementation, and establishment of operational and maintenance programs to deliver best-in-class next generation network infrastructure. This includes optimizing all aspects of network eco-system, including performance, resiliency, availability, resource utilization and innovation.

This person will provide network design, engineering and administrative support of both physical and virtual networking devices within our SDI environments. This person will be responsible for leveraging state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, application deployment, networking technologies, including virtualization and software-defined networking (SDN), to develop and deliver a robust, scalable, network eco-system. He/she will work with various leaders across the enterprise to coordinate network solutions to meet challenges of technology, regulatory, security, and competitive conditions.

The scope will include the following areas of concentration: AWS Cloud platforms supporting multiple software and network overlay technologies; + Planning, designing, and deploying applications using CI/CD and agile. Infrastructure as code (IaC), and connectivity for managed services environment. + Overseeing and performing administration, configuration, and monitoring of instances, network and voice equipment.


Bachelor’s degree + 5 or more years of technical experience strongly preferred
Must be passionate about contributing to an organization.


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