Nurse Trainer

Key Roles & Responsibilities:

Initiate, participate and contribute to the development of clinical knowledge and skills of Students.
Identify individual learning needs of Students in consultation with the Master Trainer to support individual learning plans.
Perform clinical assessments of Students and Assist in certification of competency where required.
Participate in the delivery of formal and informal education.
Actively participate in activities that promote the professional development and education of Students.
Foster an environment that supports the utilization of nursing research
Participate in the development and review of clinical guidelines.
Promote and participate in quality improvement activities and organizational accreditation processes.
Actively pursue opportunities to advance own professional knowledge and skill development.
Participate in relevant ongoing professional development programs.
Demonstrate awareness of current nursing trends, initiatives and related health issues that enhance nursing practice.
Participate in health promotion and community development activities including public relations exercises for the service.
Act as an effective role model for staff, through mentoring, and teaching in an endeavor to achieve optimal staff development and service outcomes.


Required Skills & Qualifications:

Degree/Diploma in nursing.
Must be a Certified Nurse with Registered Nursing License.
Has typically acquired significant experience in the field prior to working in academic or healthcare facility settings to teach nursing.
Should be comfortable teaching aspiring Nurses and Nursing assistants who are at the best FORM4 PASS.
Should be willing to work full time as an Educator/Trainer.
Should be able to train the students based on available content which is approved by NITA.
Should be able to monitor and supervise hospital internship of students.


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