Survey and Design Officer

Job Description and roles

Assist in the development and implementation of field computer applications to facilitate the control and collection of data for mapping (gps)(gis)(kmz), inspection, quantity performance, schedule performance.
Analysing network planning data to ensure that data is sufficient to plan FTTX (DPs/drops/core & distribution fibre allocations for routes/cabinet location & planning)
Attend site visits to confirm accuracy of survey information /and alternative options.
.Support the development or acquisition of applications to facilitate field reporting.
.Working with Network build engineers to ascertain fibre layout of backbone & distribution of fiber to homes (FTTP).
Provide administrative management of the network GIS system being utilized for design and construction of the fiber network.
Assisting the network planners in carrying out surveys and thereafter prepare reports in Auto CAD,Map info
Review site plans and bill of materials submitted to the project manager.
Present projects to the company’s planning management.
GIS(Geographical Information Systems) Certification,Driving and Map Info Is an added advantage.


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