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Job Description


Use excel to make an SPSS syntax file
Use SPSS syntax file to convert unusable data to usable data
Process data using win cross software to produce interpretable research output which is used to provide insights to businesses
Interpret the output to see that different sections make logical sense

Create research program using provided platform
Test the programs created above
Program Testing

The client has a programmer who creates the programs used in the research field. In some cases, we are tasked with testing whether the programs are working as intended using defined logic.
Relevant Experience in SPSS,JavaScript, HTML
Programming will be an added advantage.
Experience with responsive web design, including API and database creation
Commercial and business awareness and experience
Hands-on, and with strong execution skills
Good written and communication skills and high attention to detail
Passion for innovation, learning, and use of technology to change business
Have the ability to handle pressure and meet deadlines
An independent thinker who is able to thrive in a fast-paced dynamic environment.
Organized and with excellent time management skills
Desire to learn something new, cheerfulness, and ability to learn fast is required


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