Shift Engineering Technician
Job TypeFull Time
Job FieldEngineering / Technical
Job Description

Kenya Breweries Limited operates within a multi-cultural, multinational, multi-currency environment. The department packages a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages; the main role of the department is to package product in a manner that is safe, cost effective, the right quality, in the right format, process efficient and delivered OTIFNE. The consumer is now more discerning, and demands both highest quality and value for money, therefore the packaging department must maintain product quality, that entails both the intrinsic and extrinsic aspects of beer.

This role works directly with the Asset care manager, Packaging section Managers (Quality and team leaders) and very closely with the Head of Packaging, Engineering stores manager, Technical department and the Technical operators.

Externally this role also has regular contacts with Contractors, Equipment suppliers and consultants and Site safety.

Market Complexity

  • The company has undergone changes in its asset care policy through adoption of Reliability centred maintenance (RCM) strategy focused on attaining maximum equipment reliability and performance at optimum cost.
  • The role works hand in hand with the asset care manager in setting and executing asset care performance objectives with KPI’s to address all key elements of the strategy.
  • The role does assist for medium and long term asset care planning in line with strategy. The ultimate goal is to embed the 9 BCM asset care pillars that will drive paradigm shift in the ways assets are managed.
    Leadership Responsibilities:
    Decision Making Authority
  • Provide builds into maintenance plans, weekly, monthly & annual in liaison with planner, E&I Engineer and ACM.
  • Spearhead continuous improvement activities.
  • Implementation of engineering and maintenance issues within agreed standards.
  • Spearhead problem solving in liaison with ACM and E&I Eng.
  • Decide on temporary remedial measures and modification on Mechanical systems to sustain production while arrangements for permanent solution are being made.
  • Freedom of action within company policy and procedures.
  • Evaluation of the quality of spares supplied.
  • Recommend stocking of non-stock items.
  • Asset Care Manager administratively and on day-to-day activities in Packaging Processes
  • Site safety team on PTW system, safety standards i.e. providing Engineering solutions through ERICPD, SFIP, SIRC closure
  • Stores manager on receipt of ordered services stock and non-stock.
  • Electrical and Instruments Engineer in relation to maintenance, plant modifications, breakdown maintenance and continuous improvements.
  • Procurement on supplier reviews, spares acquisition and resolving TQ
  • Shift Managers and Packaging Technical operators on day-to-day activities in Packaging Hall, Basement and adjacent areas
  • Packaging quality manager on equipment effectiveness validation and defect identification and elimination
  • Utilities team on utilities optimization
  • OPEX team through MMS on driving best practices, DMAICs and process codification.
  • Work with External contractors on commissioning of contracted new installations and supervision of repair/service and maintenance works.
    Top AccountabilitiesDecision Making Authority
  • Responsibility for asset maintenance and recommendation on improvement, replacement, modification and decommission.
  • Ensure availability of non-stock/nil stock spares
  • Determine equipment centre lines, track deviations, stop and fix any equipment deviating from standard operating parameters.
  • Determining causes of breakdowns and giving solutions
  • Order available spares from store during B/downs or maintenance.
  • Deciding on which tasks to refer to ACM
    Key Performance Indicators
  • Execution of maintenance activities to plan i.e. zero maintenance excess.
  • Deliver on quality by ensuring process parameters are controlled and maintained within recommended set values through equipment process validation
  • New installations/plants operate as per agreed commissioning standards.
  • Champion raising and closing of SIRCs
  • Deliver plant Reliability as per AOP
  • Deliver plant Availability as per AOP
  • Weekly tracking and control of equipment MTTR & MTBF.
  • Deliver on AOP Maintenance Cost Per HL
  • Ensure delivery of zero harm agenda by ensuring 100% working of all equipment safety mechanisms
  • Optimize water and energy usage as defined by OEM
  • Track PPM completion and backlog management
  • Environmental KPI’s.
  • Adherence to training plan
  • Adherence to walk about and inspection schedule
  • Carry out failure mode analysis on replaced components for feedback to ACM, E&I engineer and OEM
  • Lead delivery of RCPS as per defined triggers
  • Compliance to audit one plan.
  • Capturing all machine related issues in CMMS (SAP)
  • Drive improvement through use of MMS tools (e.g. DMAICS, STM, FI etc)
  • Standardizing of maintenance procedures and processes i.e. centre lining, process equipment codification
  • Drive sustainability projects i.e. Energy and water optimization
    Qualifications And Experience Required
  • HND or Diploma in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering with over 5 years’ experience in FMCG.
  • Knowledge of Mechanical Engineering & Process technology.
  • Ability to interpret technical drawings, maintenance manuals, schematic drawings and general engineering specifications to carry out the job.
  • Use of SAP – maintenance
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)
  • Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Assessment (FMECA)
  • Asset care Best Practice
  • Knowledge of Bottling procedures to avail plant utilities and equipment service
  • Appreciation of procedures of personnel, stores, security and purchasing departments
  • Trouble shooting skills.
  • Ability to communicate in both written and oral formats.
  • Planning/ Presentation/Organizational skills
  • Knowledge in industrial health & safety and management techniques
  • Knowledge of World Class Manufacturing standards
  • High interpersonal effectiveness to develop and sustain robust relationships
  • Role model of high performance coaching skills and people management
  • Good negotiator
  • Good industrial relations skills
  • Familiar with skills and competency descriptions and able to interpret training and development needs
  • Knowledge of ISO 9001 for Quality, Energy Management Policy HACCP- ISO 22000 for food safety, ISO 14001 for
  • Environment & OHSAS – ISO 18001 Health and Safety standards plus any other management systems that may apply.


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